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A Revolutionary Step by MicroPyramid for an NGO

MicroPyramid took one of the most impactful philanthropic initiatives by donating job portal called Peel Jobs to Chaitanya Jyothi as an initiative to provide employment platform

Factors of On Page SEO to Rank your Website on First Page

On Page SEO is the practice of optimizing webpages in order to rank higher in search engine results page

How to Launch your Custom E-Commerce Web Application in less than 15 minutes

How to launch your Custom E-Commerce web application in less than 15 minutes

Free Foreign Currency Exchange Rates API

Free foreign currency exchange rates API to use in any programming language.

Ten Sublime Plugins Useful for your Daily Python/Django Development

Sublime text editor comes with its basic setup as a normal text editor. We need some set of plugins to make it useful for any realtime development. In this blogpost we list ten plugins that will be useful for your daily python/Django development.

Well Structured Software Development Life cycle(SDLC) and Its Phases

Know about software development life cycle(SDLC) and its phases to build a systematic, quality and well-structured application.

How to Use Forms in Angular4

In this blog we'll see how to use forms of different types reactive and template driven in your angular application.

Introduction to Angular2 to Build Client-Side Applications

introduction to angular2 to build client side applications with different components

How to Create a Simple Blog Using Python as Well as Django

A Django python blog application helps you to get a good understanding of the framework. It also permits its users to create, edit, and delete posts.

How to Develop RESTful Webservice in Django using Django REST Framework

DjangoRestFramework is widely used to develop restful API. Django REST Framework is easy to use who are familiar with Django, as it is developed on the core concepts of Django. In the current blog post we’ll learn how to develop a RESTful API that performs CRUD operations on the DB.