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Django Rest Framework is a python based tool to create awesome web API’s and it’s a flexible & customizable framework to use. Developed to minimize drawbacks of other django/python based rest frameworks. Django REST framework is used by Red Hat, Heroku, Mozilla and Eventbrite

Features of django rest framework

  • Django rest framework supports both function based views and class based views. So that developer can choose based on his convenience.
  • It provides automated urls/endpoints using ViewSets, Routers.
  • Also supports custom api urls/endpoints as in Django framework.
  • It simplifies the testing of newly developed api by providing browsable api.
  • Supports a wide range of media types [text, image, videos, xml, json, zip, etc.]
  • It allows various types of authentication methods like basic authentication, token based authentication, custom authentication, session based authentication and third party authentication methods OAuth1a and OAuth2.
  • Moreover, It is an opensource framework. Thus, it has a great community support.

Some of our projects developed by DRF: Creditable, Wonderland.

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Benefits of django rest framework Services -

  • Easy to follow, up to date documentation with best practises, requirements, installations and best examples.
  • Plug and play authentication, it supports OAuth, web tokens, session, basic etc..
  • Takes less time to understand and start developing, if you have basic knowledge of Django.
  • It has a great serializer engine which is compatible with both ORM and non-ORM data sources.
  • Generic views provides clean and simple code to perform CRUD operations.
  • Likewise in django forms DRF provides serializers for validations on data sets.
  • It allows to deal with vast amount data by paginating data sets.
  • DRF looks after user authentication and user permissions.
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