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As all tech-savvy readers would be aware, Django is a framework which primarily works on Pythonlanguage. Breaking the definition down further, Django as a framework has enabled web development to be simple, fast and practical with the output being aesthetically appealing. Django is the spot on choice of web developers when it comes to developing, migrating or supporting websites with huge databases. It has made possible the development of high quality websites in minimum time and with minimal efforts. It would be appropriate to say, that Django framework has changed the face of website development.


-Would you believe if we say that it is possible to take a web app from its concept to its launch in just a few hours? Yes, it definitely is, with the help of Django framework. Other than its high speed it has plenty of extra web development tasks which you can use to your leverage. The basic ones include–

  • Content administration
  • User authentication
  • Google site maps
  • RSS and Atom syndication feeds
  • Built-in mitigation against web attacks

-The core framework of Django consists of–

  • A web server for development and testing
  • A caching framework which saves dynamic content so it needn’t be calculated for each request. Also it works on any of the several cache methods
  • An internal dispatcher system that allows components of an application to communicate with each other
  • A serialization system that can translate between various HTML forms

-It provides extensibility into third party services which can analyse and report the overall performance of your website. Two of such free services include –

  • Yahoo’s Y slow
  • Google PageSpeed

-Django’s debug toolbar provides you with important information on what task your code is doing and how much time it is taking in order to execute it. It shows you what all SQL queries are generated on your page and how much time has the generation of each query taken.

-Django offers decorators such as, allow_lazy(), which enable performance enhancement by not doing a task until it has to be done, because the task may turn out to be not necessary at all. Thus the lazy argument which would otherwise turn out to be an expensive one shall not be called out for assessment, with the allow_lazy () decorator until it is very urgently or necessarily required.

Contact us today at hello@micropyramid.com to know more about our Django development and consulting services.


Micro pyramid has a vast experience in Django web development services and Django consulting. We have many options in the platter for you including –

  • Superfast.
  • Simple and Reliable
  • Enables best performance from the database with database optimization
  • It comes with pieces of middleware that optimize the site’s performance
  • Eliminates unnecessary whitespace, newlines, comments and shortens variable names which reduce the size of the documents the site produces
  • It is quite versatile and can be used to built anything from content management systems to E-commerce sites to social networks
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