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Personal websites play an important role in giving an individual the opportunity to tell their story. A large percentage of potential employers are indicating that resumes alone do not give enough information to establish how competitive a candidate is.

Pull-up stock database from stores in minimal time possible. Search of such databases must load in lowest time. Less than 50 milliseconds load time for search and less than 5 minutes to fetch stock details from store and update in their database.

Wonderland resorts


Wonderland Aspen in plans to build an application specializing in internet related services and products in hotel, lodging and meta search fields. We deployed a haystack plus elastic-search for meta search, a comprehensive web framework to build hotel management web application with calendar integrated to the dashboard of the application for bookings and timings. SEO implementation for better google search ranking.

Wingate Consumer Finance was in search of portal with smart business solution for loan advisors who could maintain affiliate network in the realms of educations, revenue and company growth. A dynamic and loan advisor friendly dashboard was developed with all inclusive of content, tools and resources that were constantly updated by NowFinance admins. The loan advisor shall login or sign up in the ideal website wielding through the platform to increase the traffic.

JEM MUSIC INT’L LTD were looking for an online music tutorial platform with “learn to play” model that would rely on sessions with great lessons for novice and advanced players alike. The need was to host the best combination of traditional and modern music learning modules with same level of accountability and reinforcement as face-to-face lessons. A need of commission based custom affiliate link online training with transparency and security across all the platforms. To seamlessly deliver across all possible platforms and devices, MicroPyramid created Audio visual website that served as business model name ProMusicTutor adhering to all the challenges such as optimizing audio video digital container format and abandoned cart follow up.

Colaberry was questing for a proprietor online learning application hosted by industry experts in Data science distributed under a license. The platform shall be huge with sundry modules and well organised documentation that will be good choice for SMB and Established enterprises.The courses on the Refactored often include interactive tutorial videos interspersed with learning exercises that also included monitoring the progress of student, himself and by tutor. Enrolling in each and every course can register using email or social plugins.