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Server Maintenance Services in USA

Your server is the heart of your network and therefore its hardware and software must be tailored to suit your office’s computing needs. Apart from this, the network of your computer also must be properly maintained to avoid system shut-down or loss of data. So now the question is that what exactly do we mean by server maintenance? Well, server maintenance is the process of keeping the server software updated and running so that the computer network can work smoothly without any obstructions whatsoever. If the server is regularly maintained then it will keep the application software running as expected and shall avoid a partial or total failure of the network.

Now when it comes to the server maintenance tasks then it requires the network administrator to carry out preventive maintenance, and this precisely includes reviewing the server’s performance, making sure that automated system monitoring utilities are properly installed and configured, identifying any potential threat to security and backing up the data from time to time. All these points are taken care of in a basic server maintenance scheme. However, when it comes to a more solid and comprehensive approach to server maintenance then there are several steps involved. These mainly include –

  • Checking the server log files
  • Accessing the space in hard disk
  • Examining the folder permissions
  • Monitoring the network temperature applications
  • Analysing the security features
  • Installing security software patches
  • Ensuring adequate redundancy of systems
  • Regularly reading the server logs for security alerts
  • Reading the server logs to trace any attempt of computer hacking
  • Updating the antivirus software on all the computers present in the network
  • Installing software updates
  • Updating critical service packs
  • Performing regular back-ups to ensure that important data can be recovered in case there is a system failure

Micro Pyramid offers its clients with server maintenance services so that your business can operate smoothly without any threat to security or data. So let us manage your server while you concentrate on your business. Contact us at hello@micropyramid.com to know more.