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Ten Sublime Plugins Useful for your Daily Python/Django Development


Sublime text editor comes with its basic setup as a normal text editor. We need some set of plugins to make it useful for any real-time development. In this blog post we list ten plugins that will be useful for your daily python/Django development.


Anaconda makes your Sublime Text in a full featured Python development IDE. Installing Anaconda package in your sublime will give you basic IDE features like auto completion, code linting and autopep8 formatting. It will display all possible options which includes packages or keywords if we type anything in the editor. By default it comes with a default setting of max line length limit to 79 characters. You can update the max line length by following the following steps.

Sublime Text –> Preferences –> Package Settings –> Anaconda –> Settings – Syntax Specific – User

A new tab will open in your Sublime Text. Type:

    “pep8_max_line_length”: 79,


This plugin will be useful for Syntax highlighting and django snippets. You can see this plugin's beauty in django templates.


This is a plugin which is useful for the users who maintain their codebase in Git. This plugin gives inserted, modified or deleted lines by displaying respective icons on respective lines.


This plugin is useful in formatting our HTML, CSS and JS code. You can set the spacing to tabs or  spaces as per the guidelines. For example 2 white spaces for html and CSS.


This plugin is used to compile less files to css on save. Requires lessc installed on PATH. This plugin automatically compile less to css on save when editing a .less file, reports compilation errors.


This plugin is used to check JS syntax that is written under script tag. 


This plugin is very much useful for react JS developers. This plugin highlights the syntax definitions for ES6 JavaScript with React JSX extensions.


This plugin is the useful for linting the code of any language that you use. This plugin helps to write cleaner, better, more bug-free code.


This plugin is makes sure your python code follows PEP8 standards. Before installing this plugin make sure you have installed pep8 python package.


This plugin highlights trailing spaces in your code. This is useful to make your code to look more beautiful manner.