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Free Foreign Currency Exchange Rates API


While working on one of my project i needed a currency rates from one currency to other. I searched google for api but most of them are paid plans or free limited api calls. And i came to these free currency rates provided by "Euro foreign exchange reference rates" the rates updated every day 16:00 CET. But I can't use it directly in my code I'm expecting something like api. I decided to convert that Euro exchange rates to some developer friendly api. The final shape of the idea is Developer friendly json api for currency exchange rates. I'm really happy when other developers get benifited by this api.

Key Benefits:

  • More than 30+ currency rates available.
  • Get historical rates for any day since 1999.
  • API 24X7 availability.
  • Simple and powerfull JSON API.
  • API Response in milli seconds.
  • ssl encryption.
  • Conversion API from base currency to target currency.


=> Get Latest Rates:

Base currency default to EUR conversion rates



=> Latest Rates based on USD



=> Get Rates based on specific date

currency rates available from year 1999



=> Get Rates from one currency to other



Code on GitHub:

Python package using rates api:

Know more about full documentation here: