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How to Launch your Custom E-Commerce Web Application in less than 15 minutes


How to launch your Custom E-Commerce web application in less than 15 minutes. We are having so many E-Commerce frameworks in the market like Magento and ECommerce shops like Shopify. But it is very difficult to customize them to our business usage in cases like Integrated multiple payment gateways, Partial payment processing, Integrating shipping methods and etc.,

Python is having an E-Commerce framework called Django-Oscar, which supports any level of customizations. It is easy to customize the user experience. Django-Oscar supports Multiple Payment Gateway's, Multiple Currencies, Partial payment Gateway Integrations, Multi-Language. It is easy to Integrate any third party tools to Django-Oscar. We can launch basic E-Commerce applications in less than 15 minutes using Django-Oscar.

It is very easy to launch a Basic E-Commerce application by following simple steps in Django-Oscar. The basic application of Django-Oscar comes with its default customer interface and an admin interface. The customer interface comes with features like the end-user can search products, add a product to cart and complete the checkout flow which includes Add shipping address, Add billing address, choose billing method (default configuration of django oscar won’t have any payment gateway integrations. We can easily integrate any payment gateway. Django oscar supports payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Payu, etc.)

The admin interface comes with features like Catalogue management (Manage product categories, Manage products, Manage product stock), Manage customers, Manage vendors i.e., Partners, manage orders, manage offers.

You can follow the steps in the blog post to launch your custom e-commerce application using Django-Oscar.

The following video tutorial gives steps to launch the basic application and also gives you a brief introduction of what the Application consists of i.e., Search Products, Add Product to Cart and Checkout flow. The admin dashboard overview to add categories, add product, add vendor i.e., partner, manage orders.