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Assign Public IP Address to Docker Container without Port Binding

MACVLAN creates multiple virtual network interfaces with different MAC addresses. This way if your system has multiple IP addresses with MAC addresses then we can create multiple virtual network interfaces each having their own IP address and MAC address.

How to Track your Issues and Projects by using GITLab

Gitlab is a great issue tracker. You can log your project activities like issue status, deadline etc in a git repository. Before that, you need to login to Gitlab and then go to the project where you need to create/manage issues .

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Why do We Need Testing Before Delivering a Project

Before launching an application we should test the app to ensure that the application is working as per your requirement or not and to deliver defect free product on time, within the budget. If there is no testing, then there is no quality product.

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Which is the Best Python Framework for Web Development?

Python is a general-purpose programming language. We can use python for so many applications and including web applications. Which provides common backend fast reliable and scalable easily maintainable web applications.

How to Maintain User Session Across Sub Domains in Django

Nowadays, people are using wildcard domains to provide same user experience across different domains. Using subdomains, we can be able to host multiple sites with the same domain name with the same code in a less time. To enable wildcard subdomains for your site, you should add CNAME record like.

Python, Django top frameworks and it's comparison

Python, Django top frameworks and it's comparison

Unit Testing with Selenium-Python

Unit testing with selenium-python. Unit test case example to test the front-end

Tips to Choose the Best Custom Software Development Company

Choosing the best company for your software development needs is the most important step. This blog explains you tips to outsource custom software development services.

WSGI Explanation with Simple APP

The main goal of WSGI is to facilitate easy interconnection of servers and web frameworks/applications. WSGI defines a standerd API for web servers(uWSGI, Twisted, Gunicorn) to connect and talk to web frameworks like Django, flask, Pyramid. In this article i will explain simple "hello world" app.

10 Ways How Salesforce Integration Improves Business Performance and 3rd party apps

Salesforce Integration is a process of connecting two applications or systems running on common/different platforms. These integrations have different layers like Data, Business Logic, Presentation and Security, depending on the requirements

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