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List of Python Class Special Methods or Magic Methods

python class special methods or magic methods. magic methods allow us to override or add the default functionality of python objects. One of the biggest advantages of using Python's magic methods is that they provide a simple way to make objects behave like built-in types. That means you can avoid ugly, counter-intuitive, and nonstandard ways of performing basic operators.

Understanding Self and __init__ Method in Python Class

Understand self and __init__ method in python Class?

Working with Python Collections Counter

Python collections - Counter is to count the frequency of character, OrderedDict is to track the order of the contents in which they are added and defaultdict is to provide a default value for a nonexistent key for the dictionary element are explained with real time examples in part 2 of collections series.

How to Build and Verify an Application using AWS Codepipeline and Creating Custom Events with lambda

For few applications, updates will be released frequently to easy user interaction, performance, usage. They need to check all the cases(Design, module working flows) are working fine in all the test cases. So we need to run the test cases to check the functionality of all the module work flows. After verifying the test cases, we need to update the code to live server. We’re having a series of steps before releasing a software. In such case, AWS code pipeline will be used for running the test cases, verifying the test cases, updating the live with the updates.

AWS Code pipeline will be used for automating all the required steps to release the application updates. We can also use it in different stages like development(staging), live server. So different pipelines will be there for development and live server.

In this blog post, after updating the code pipeline will be run, and it’ll check for application status, send an email if the status is 200. If require any support get in touch with our AWS Consultant to make your work easy

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AWS Tips and Tricks to Optimize Cost and Performance for Better ROI

We live in a world where everyone wants to spend money wisely on 3rd party service providers. If we're looking for any 3rd party services, we consider performance of the application to improve our website ROI, cost of the application. ROI is one of the measures for the application success, aws service provides best services for all your needs.

AWS Professional services provide best prices for businesses of all sizes. You can start your application with minimal needs, can easily scale your application as your business grows up.

One of the advantages of cloud computing is its ability to fit the infrastructure to your needs; You only pay for what you really use. You need to update your application to cloud so that we can easily manage your application. AWS is best service which provides best cost, performance optimization techniques.

In this blog post, we'll explain five AWS Cost Optimization best practices that can help you to improve user experience, enhance performance, and reduce the cost of your AWS environment.

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How to Process Message Queuing System by Amazon SQS

MicroPyramid, a standard AWS consulting partner with astonishing AWS consultants, who can guide you to process message queuing system by Amazon SQS. Consult our technical experts to get best AWS consulting services with outstanding quality and productivity.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a distributed messaging queue oriented service.

messages are queued into SQS which are variable in size but can be no larger than 256KB. SQS doesn’t give the guarantee to the delivery order of messages. SQS messages will be delivered more than once with no guarantee to the order of message. Using Visibility Timeout we can ensure once a message has been retrieved it will not be resent for a given period of time.

In this tutorial, we'll see how to manage SQS queues and messages using boto3.

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Custom Validations for Serializer Fields Django Rest Framework

we can write custom validations for serializer fields in Django Rest Framework. Validators are used to validate the data whether it is semantically valid or not. Validation simplifies the data processing. Validation avoids the data redundancy

Introduction to API Development Using Django REST Framework with Example

Introduction to API development with Django REST framework. You can build the API for any Django application. Pre-requisites are Django and OOPS(object oriented programming concepts) . In this

Easy and Fast Way to Implement AWS Lambda Service

In this blog post, You will know an easy and fast way to implement AWS Lambda service. If you want any support regarding AWS lambda service then get in touch with best AWS Consulting

Create lambda function and triggering actions is time taking and involves repetitive steps. We are going to use a simple application called Gordon.

Gordon creates CloudFormation templates based on our settings files, cloudformation is a configuration management tool for Amazon Web Services similar to chef, puppet, ansible etc.. but for AWS.

Gordon isolates all the processes, like it creates separate roles, separate bucket names etc..which enhance security and doesn’t mess up with other services already running.

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React-Router for Navigation

In this blog Post you will know clear information about react-router for navigation. if require any support regarding ReactJS Development then contact us at

React router is a React package which helps in navigation.
React router is divided to three packages: react-router, react-router-dom and react-router-native.
As we are building website we have to use react-router- dom.