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React JS Development

Why do we go for SPA’s?

Make a web application to get desktop application experience for the Users, here desktop experience refers to the performance and UX. As we know desktop apps as produced awesome level of user experience. We at micropyramid develop fast loading and SEO friendly single page applications. We chose reactJS for development for SPA’s and also redux/flux frameworks and react-router for data binding.

Why Reactjs?

What can we do using react?
  • Interactive UI development.
  • Web application development
  • Custom component development
  • mobile native app development
Our Works
Radio String
Radio String

Online streaming service. Users can visit the site and listen to radio of their likes and share to other or add to their wish list.


Personal wealth management and Money Wallet to buy(Scan & Pay) goods from steady enabled merchants.

Technologies We Used
Django Django Rest Framework Redux React React Router
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Django Web Development

We at Micropyramid follow a dynamic approach and make sure that we deliver top-notch MongoDB applications to our customers. With Mongodb, we can deliver applications with massive data in minimum time and minimum effort, can scale easily our database with no downtime as the application grows rapidly.