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How to run a SOQL query in Salesforce

Posted On 30 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce Object Query Language(SOQL) is used to fetch the data from Sobject in salesforce organization. As we know SQL is used by .Net developers to get data from a database in the same way SOQL is used by salesforce developers to get the data.

How to create Web-to-case in Salesforce

Posted On 21 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Customers can submit their cases directly in their website using a simple web-to-case form. These forms are used to convert submitted information into customer support requests and cases which can be seen in Salesforce.com

How to access Schema builder in Salesforce

Posted On 08 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Schema builder in Salesforce is used to get all the objects and different kinds of relationships in one place. It can be used to modify and design new data models. Objects and fields can be created or modified in the schema builder.

How to create one to one relationship between objects in salesforce

Posted On 29 September 2017 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce provides two relationships known as one to many relationship and many to many relationship(this can be done using junction object). Hence in this, we create one to one relationship by using lookup field, using roll up summary and triggers.

Process Builder in Salesforce

Posted On 09 September 2017 By MicroPyramid

Process builder is the best automation tool available in Salesforce which can perform complex workflows seamlessly to automate anyone's business process. We can view process in graphical representation before activating it.

How to enable opportunity splits in salesforce

Posted On 08 September 2017 By MicroPyramid

Opportunity splits allows sales representatives to divide credit and revenue on any sales deal. If your sales process splits revenue from closed-won deals to give credit more than one team member then opportunity split feature will be used.

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