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How to Create Web-to-case in Salesforce


Web-to-case salesforce allows you to get customer support requests from company’s website and turn them into cases in salesforce. These cases are automatically created from the information provided by a customer.

Micropyramid is one of the salesforce managed service provider which will help to build a salesforce web to case. They help with all the external integration, and user experience to make your salesforce project simple and convenient to use. After the development of the salesforce web to case, the code is tested and deployed to avoid unnecessary complications.

How to set up web-to-case:

Click on web-to-case settings, Enable web-to-case option. 

Select the default case origin as Web from the three options(phone, email and web).

In the auto response email settings, select the proper email response templates for the different types of cases customers might submit. The default email response template is used to send for those cases who doesn’t match with the rules.

To hide record information in the notification email sent when online case creation fails, select hide record information. 

Email signature, which is used in notification mail sent whenever online creation of a case fails. Click on save.

From Setup--> Build--> Customize--> Self-service--> Web-to-case html generator.

Select the fields which are required in web-to-case form. Use add and remove arrows to move fields between the available fields list and selected fields list. Change order of the fields using up and down arrows. You can also set up custom fields, which are not displayed in available fields.

Check the fields which you have added and for some organizations using multiple currencies add the lead currency field if you add currency amount fields otherwise all amounts are captured in your corporate currency. 

For the organizations using record types as cases, select the Case Record field type. If you want users submitting Web-generated cases to select specific record types.

If your organizations use self service portal or customer portal, and you want web generated cases to be visible to the users in the portal, select visible in the self-service portal.

Provide the URL, to which the user will be redirected to the specified URL after submitting a web-to-case form.

To prevent spam cases, select enable spam filtering option. Specify reCAPTCHA API key pair, select language and click on generate.

A html code is generated, copy that and customize it according to your requirement and provide it to your company’s webmaster which can be kept in your website.


Web-to-case salesforce can generate up to 5000 cases per day.

To avoid spam filtering create validation rules, utilize captcha, using web services to filter out spam cases.

If your organization exceeds its daily limit, the default case owner which is specified in the settings will receive an email containing additional information.

All required fields must have a value before a record can be created via Web-to-Case. Salesforce doesn’t support Rich text area(RTA) fields on web-to-Case forms. If RTA is entered into the fields, it is converted into plain text form, and case is created.