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what is salesforce and what does it do?

Posted On 29 August 2019 By MicroPyramid

Now a days salesforce is one of the first global company to successfully utilize a cloud-based CRM software. Salesforce has been able to leverage cloud technology and build a range of applications for businesses to higher hook up with their customers and assist in giving them key insights into their services through analytics and apps.

Is Salesforce good for small business?

Posted On 29 August 2019 By MicroPyramid

Get detailed information about how salesforce is good for small business and it's advantages and disadvantages

Tips and Best Practices on how to use Salesforce campaign Management Effectively

Posted On 11 June 2019 By MicroPyramid

Tips and Best Practices on how to use Salesforce campaign Management Effectively to increase the number of leads.

Salesforce Source code management with Visual Studio code, Git and GitHub

Posted On 28 January 2019 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce made an easy to manage Salesforce source code with Visual Studio Code and GitHub by providing necessary extensions in the Visual Studio Code and Salesforce CLI which helps you to do manage whole process more easily. Here, we discussed about how source code can be retrieved and deployed to Salesforce orgs as well as to Git and GitHub.

Highlights of salesforce summer '18 release notes

Posted On 16 November 2018 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce gets its CRM updated for every release. Generally, Salesforce has three releases per year(spring, summer, winter). In this we are going to look into updates and features of summer '18 release notes.

Creating custom Splash page in Salesforce

Posted On 28 April 2018 By MicroPyramid

In many websites, we come across a page displaying first and then redirecting to the main website page automatically or clicking on a button, which is known as splash page. In Salesforce, we can have splash pages for tabs(custom objects). Upon clicking on the tab, we can have a splash page first and then the regular tab as it is.

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