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Understanding Django model formsets in detail and their advanced usage.

Posted On 05 May 2012 By MicroPyramid

Silmilar to the regular formsets, django also provide model formset that make it easy to work with django models. Django model formsets provide a way to edit or create multiple model instances within a single form. Model Formsets are created by factory method. The default factory method is modelformset_factory(). It wraps formset factory to model forms.

Django Raw Sql Queries

Posted On 19 April 2012 By MicroPyramid

When your model query API don't go well or you want more performance, you can use raw sql queries in django. The Django Object Relational Mapper (ORM) helps bridge the gap between the database and our code Performing raw queries.

Facebook integration in your website

Posted On 14 April 2012 By MicroPyramid

Using Facebook integration, we can get the user verified email id, general information, friends, pages, groups and you can post on his profile, facebook pages, groups with out user entering a details in a less span of time.

Basics of Django templates

Posted On 22 March 2012 By MicroPyramid

Django template engine comes as part of django framework and its very easy, extensible and handy to develop complex web applications with simplest efforts. Lets see basics of django template engine.

A template is a text document, or a normal Python string, that is marked-up using the Django template language. Template system in Python can be used in the following way:

Django Model managers and properties

Posted On 06 February 2012 By MicroPyramid

Django model is the single, definitive source of data about your data. It contains the essential fields and behaviors of the data you’re storing. Generally, each model maps to a single database table. And an instance of that class represents a particular record in the database table. Django Manager is the interface through which database query operations are provided to Django models.By default, Django adds a Manager with the name "objects" to every Django model class.

Add captcha to django web page using Python-reCaptcha

Posted On 02 January 2012 By MicroPyramid

Python-reCaptcha is a pythonic and well-documented reCAPTCHA client that supports all the features of the remote API to generate and verify CAPTCHA challenges. To add into your django project, you need captcha public, private keys are required.

Programming with python: Decorators

Posted On 24 December 2011 By MicroPyramid

Python decorators supports aspect-oriented programming. It is used to add or modify code in functions or classes. Using decorators will provide security, tracing, looking ..etc Let see an example:

def myfunc():
print "This is my function"

Vim for Python Web Development

Posted On 20 October 2011 By MicroPyramid

Having a good environment setup is important for effective, fast and easy coding. We have different IDE's like eclipse, pycharm, sublime etc.. which are powerful and easy to use.

IDE's like eclipse, pycharm, sublime etc.. are resource intensive as they run many features, this is not a problem if you have really great system with powerfull resources.

Understanding Python Properties

Posted On 23 August 2011 By MicroPyramid

Python Properties is a class for managing class attributes in Python. Property( ) is a built-in function that creates and returns a property object

attribute_name = property(get_Attribute, set_Attribute,del_Attribute(Optional), doc_Attribue(Optional))
where, get_Attritube is function to get value of the attribute,

Django Forms basics explained

Posted On 06 July 2011 By MicroPyramid

Django forms is powerful module to help django application development in rendering html from model, validate input from http request to model specifications. And we can extend the module to suit our exact need. Lets see basics of django forms. Forms are a collection of fields that knows how to validate itself,Form classes are created as subclasses of django.forms.Form

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