Our proud SaaS cloud development environment runcode.io


Forex rates is a native mobile application developed for Android and IOS. This application is used to get the foreign exchange rates and historical exchange rates with ease.

Creditable is loan & savings management system for employees. Creditable is partnered 3rd party banks(ubank, DBS) and provides loans to employees in a organisation. Creditable has unique tools that help measure real employee outcomes, measure your employees savings & loan accessibilty against increased productivity, employee turnover & overall happiness at work. Creditable is designed to save you time whilst also meeting your compliance and risk burdens. The dashboard makes it easy to review, analyse and comfortably manage an audit.


Australian Legislation requires building owners or their agents to ensure that fire safety equipment complies with the relevant building standards and is maintained in accordance with applicable standards. So we need to build a platform which is branded Fire Matters, that allows building owners and occupiers, their agents or service providers to enter details of their fire protection and safety assets, calculates the service regime as required under Australian Legislation laws, based on the information entered and Provides a central repository for asset information, service history and other relevant records and documentation that is transferable between users when ownership, agency or service provision is transferred to other entities.


Radiostring.com is the best web radio streaming service providing a huge amount of stations across worldwide. It was launched in 2017 and it can be accessed from Desktop, Tablets, Mobile. The application will be available on all devices like Android,iPhone, Windows mobiles.

ParentOrbit is a Class / School Management Software. This is a platform for individuals to businesses allows to create classes of any size and accept online and offline Registration. With ParentOrbit the individuals or businesses can manage student enrollment & billing. This platform has the feature to manage onetime or recurring billing, accept eCheck/ACH or credit card payments.

Wonderland resorts


wonderland Aspen in plans to build an application specializing in internet related services and products in hotel, lodging and meta search fields. We deployed a haystack plus elastic-search for meta search, a comprehensive web framework to build hotel management web application with calendar integrated to the dashboard of the application for bookings and timings. SEO implementation for better google search ranking.

Runcode is an online code editor that helps you to write and run your code online from your browser anywhere, anytime. This platform supports different programming languages which includes C, PHP, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python and Ruby. This platform has additional feature of code formatting, this platform prettifies your code of Html, JS, CSS, JSON and XML. This platform also has an awesome feature of diff checker which could be useful in your day to day development to check difference between 2 files.


Colaberry was questing for a proprietor online learning application hosted by industry experts in Data science distributed under a license. The platform shall be huge with sundry modules and well organised documentation that will be good choice for SMB and Established enterprises.The courses on the Refactored often include interactive tutorial videos interspersed with learning exercises that also included monitoring the progress of student, himself and by tutor. Enrolling in each and every course can register using email or social plugins.

Wingate Consumer Finance was in search of portal with smart business solution for loan advisors who could maintain affiliate network in the realms of educations, revenue and company growth. A dynamic and loan advisor friendly dashboard was developed with all inclusive of content, tools and resources that were constantly updated by NowFinance admins. The loan advisor shall login or sign up in the ideal website wielding through the platform to increase the traffic.

Techond is an online JOB portal. This is common platform Employers, Consutants and JobSeekers. Tochond is developed with some unique features for the JobSeekers. Techond allows the JobSeekers to enroll for the Training and Placement program. Employer will create a Job and assign to a consultant and consultant will shortlist the JobSeeker based on the Job's required skills and shortlist the Jobseekers for that Job. This flow of recruitement will deliver quality of resources to the Employers and helps the JobSeekers in improving their skills.

Bough Digital is a professional full-service digital marketing company based in the UK which aims to deliver a first-class, full scale service to a variety of clients. BoughDigital's team has a wealth of digital marketing experience that can help websites gain a competitive but fair advantage in their specific market sectors. The Bough is the largest and most important branch of a tree and its team is bringing that school of thought to the digital world; it believes search engine optimisation is the most important and largest branch of any digital marketing strategy but understand how every marketing tactic working together within a holistic approach is the best way to achieve success.

JEM MUSIC INT’L LTD were looking for an online music tutorial platform with “learn to play” model that would rely on sessions with great lessons for novice and advanced players alike. The need was to host the best combination of traditional and modern music learning modules with same level of accountability and reinforcement as face-to-face lessons. A need of commission based custom affiliate link online training with transparency and security across all the platforms. To seamlessly deliver across all possible platforms and devices, MicroPyramid created Audio visual website that served as business model name ProMusicTutor adhering to all the challenges such as optimizing audio video digital container format and abandoned cart follow up.

The crimsonbride is a platform where the brides can find & contact professionals. It is easy for the brides to register to the website and find professionals and hire them. The platform allows the professionals like Photographers, Costume designers to register themselves and add their skills to their profiles such that they could be easily visible to users.

Pull-up stock database from stores in minimal time possible. Search of such databases must load in lowest time. Less than 50 milliseconds load time for search and less than 5 minutes to fetch stock details from store and update in their database.

Artbnkr is a platform developed for Deteast. Artbnkr helped Deteast to manage their VFX project in a smart way. On this platform admin can manage projects. Upload media related  to that project. Review and Approve the media related to that project. This made life easier for Deteast in managing so many of their prestigious in a quick and easy way.