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Which CRM is Best for Startups and Small Businesses?


There are many CRM software providers but there will always be the best one that is Salesforce CRM which is in the industry for nearly 20years, they have easily won the huge amount of market shares on Sales, Marketing and customer service applications. In fact, 38% of CRM software customers choose Salesforce CRM than other software solutions. Salesforce offers small businesses and startup companies the power and functionality of an enterprise-level CRM in a package that can be gradually scaled and upgraded over time.

  • Startup companies and small businesses require minimal features that are suitable for lightning Essential packages that are available at $25/user/month.
  • For medium-sized businesses requires more advanced CRM functions, there is a Lightning Professional package that costs $75/user/month.
  • There is also a Lighting Enterprise package at $150/user/month that supports a large number of processes for automation.
  • A lightning Unlimited package at $300/user/month with all the features the platform offers.

Below are some differences of other CRM’s which are compared with Salesforce CRM

Difference between Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamic 365

The average user rating of Salesforce is 4.1/5 and Microsoft Dynamic 365 is 3.25/5 and coming to the facts pricing of Salesforce is high-end when compared to Microsoft Dynamic 365 it is Mid to high-end, both works best for medium to the enterprise.

Coming to core CRM features Microsoft Dynamic 365 does not support Sales performance management, Partner management and time tracking meanwhile Salesforce support them. The Stuff needs to know Salesforce API works on SOAP API whereas Microsoft Dynamic 365 API works on Web service API. Microsoft Dynamic 365 does not accept Data governance whereas Salesforce accepts it.

Difference between Salesforce CRM and Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is best for businesses that want an affordable all-in-one sales, HR, project management, and productivity suite whereas Salesforce is best for larger businesses that need robust sales and service features within the same CRM. Third-party Integrations of Zoho is over 50 and Salesforce is over 100. Pricing of Zoho for the standard is $12/ user per month and for professional is $20/ user per month whereas Salesforce has its Essentials bundle that charges $25 per client, every month for up to five clients on Sales Cloud or Service Cloud. Bigger groups should pay for the Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited levels evaluated at $75, $150, or $300 individually per client, per month. To get the two clouds, you'd have to pay $100, $175, or $325 for each particular level. Both Zoho and Salesforce offer a variety of integration, extensions, and plug-ins

Difference between Salesforce CRM and Oracle CRM

Oracle applications share a common database and application development framework whereas Salesforce is pursuing the same goal by making its customer records more accessible to third-party ERP applications. The cost of Oracle CRM starts at $65/per user/per month for an annual subscription and cost of Salesforce CRM starts at $25/per user/per month for an annual subscription. The ease of use of Oracle CRM is 4/10 and Salesforce CRM is 5/10. Customization, Features, and Add-ons are less in Oracle CRM when compared to Salesforce CRM.

Based on the above difference we just want to conclude that Salesforce CRM is best for startups and small businesses. And know more about our salesforce consulting services