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Tips and Best Practices on How to Use Salesforce Campaign Management Effectively


Running an effective salesforce campaign management is the primary goal, then specialized tools that help manage programs, keep customer acquisition expenses to a bare minimum, and maximize high-quality leads are absolutely vital. Salesforce, fortunately, offers all of this and much more to help you optimize your salesforce campaign management operations.

A Salesforce campaign allows tracking a prospect from the moment they enter the system till the end of the opportunity phase, all the while keeping an eye on their progress and measuring their value against the campaign’s stated objectives. It is not very powerful, but also a very underrated tool to connect your marketing ideas with eventual prospective leads.

Hence, here are five tips that’ll help you run a more effective salesforce campaign management:

1. Lead Source Attribution & Reporting

A very common mistake made by organizations is the repackaging of a Salesforce campaign to suit the parameters of the lead source field. While this may seem like the simplest solution to assign a lead to a specific lead source, it is generally considered to be a bad practice. The picklist field should only be utilized for high range values like customer referral, tradeshow, etc.

The reasons for establishing such a practice are obvious. lead source fields are notoriously difficult to organize and update regularly, especially when more than 50 values come into play. Not only is lead source reporting pretty basic, but it also cannot be used to attribute multiple lead sources to a single lead, particularly if several different newsletters and events are part of the marketing effort. On the other hand, salesforce campaign management is much more flexible and allows multi-touch attribution. Get to know more information about salesforce lead management best practices

2. Members Functionality

The key to connecting leads or contacts to one specific campaign in your marketing armada is the campaign members functionality. It allows you to attribute several different leads and contacts to any one of our campaigns. You can dig even further by adding new members to the campaign via a simple search, import a new file, note down the response to a particular campaign, etc. To be clear, the members functionality alone won’t raise your salesforce campaign’s efficiency, but when it is tapped in conjunction with email and influence tools, you will have a game-changer in your hands.

3. Influence Functionality

The Influence functionality is a very perceptive automated tool that allows you to analyze and measure the extent of influence that an individual salesforce campaign is having on an opportunity. The general principle behind this functionality is that if a contact with prior involvement in a salesforce campaign is assigned a role with regards to an opportunity, salesforce will automatically recognize this association and place the relevant campaign in touch with the related opportunity.

This allows you to take a step back, consider the big picture, and identify the salesforce campaigns with the biggest influence on an opportunity. The functionality can be further prepared with several different parameters — such as setting up a time limit for when a contact can be associated with a particular opportunity — to exploit association advantages.

4. Reporting Benefits

One of the greatest gifts of utilizing a salesforce campaign is the advanced reporting capability. The automatic collection of campaign Influence data is vitally important to understand the various opportunities that are associated with every single campaign — you will get information on the total number of opportunities created, the value of each and every open opportunity and all of the closed won opportunities along with their value. This way, your marketing team can pinpoint which campaign is the most effective, as well as its exact output. This data can be used to make all sorts of decisions, and ask questions that you’ve never even though of before.

5. Email Tools

While a salesforce campaign management is extremely effective by itself, it is also capable of raising automation to a whole new level when paired with suitable email marketing operations. When you combine email marketing with a salesforce campaign, you can develop lists, break up data into appropriate segments, initiate email campaigns — all from with the salesforce dashboard.

All of your operations will be so seamless that your developed list of leads/contacts is automatically transferred to campaign members, emails will be sent out to all of them, and the status of the emails sent will be automatically updated. Tools like Pardot, Dotmailer, MailChimp, etc. come with their own customized salesforce connectors to make things easy for you.

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