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Salesforce Quip Integration to Improve Productivity


Salesforce Quip Integration

Salesforce Quip Integration allows you to take workplace collaboration of your organization to an extent by integrating the content which includes documents, spreadsheets and slides into your chats, checklists and  project management gets to know that the teams using QUIP software are more productive than others. Quip is a tool with built-in office suite functionality including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. As an independent item, it empowers groups to team up around a rich arrangement of reports. Jest for Salesforce is implanting that sort of usefulness at the starting level.

To coordinate Salesforce with Quip, you need the Quip Connect package accessible in Salesforce AppExchange. Quip Connect for Salesforce enables you to bring your client information into the stage that your association takes a shot at. With Quip associate, you can import Salesforce information into Quip docs and Spreadsheets or access Quip reports from Salesforce.

Salesforce Quip Pricing :- Business pricing of Quip software is $10 based on Unlimited Documents, Spreadsheets and Slides, Live applications, Group Chat &1-1 messages, Desktop,Tablet & Mobile Access, Team Management and secure collaboration.

Enterprise pricing of Salesforce Quip is $25 based on unlimited Living Documents, Spreadsheets, Group Chats and 1-1 messages, Desktop,Tablet and Phone Access, Team Management & Secure Collaboration, Top-tier customer support, storage, Enterprise API & Customization and so on.

Benefits Of Salesforce Quip Integration

There are several benefits of Quip for Salesforce users which businesses can earn from collaboration of salesforce and Quip as follows

  1. Export & Import live data from Salesforce to Quip:-The main thing of integration is that you could export the live data from Salesforce to Quip. You can also open the salesforce reports into Quip spreadsheets with a single click. If we change the data which is in live then it will effect on Quip and change it smoothly.  This facilitates you with unique features which will update or modify. The salesforce report is automatically updated in Quip.
  2. Improves Collaboration:-Salesforce Quip improves collaboration among team members and helps in making a good decision. You have the opportunity to gain deeper insights into data and get the real-time information. After updating data it is easy for you to make decisions which are highly valuable for enterprises.
  3. Flexibility of working:-With Quip integration you can connect with customers anywhere anytime. You need a device and an internet connection when you are at other places. You should never compromise on sales when you are aware of the desk.
  4. History Tracking:-This Feature enables you to track the updates that you have made in your data and also you can revert  your changes at any point in time.
  5. Innovative Task Management:-Salesforce Quip is involving various tools pressed into one apparatus that causes the clients to make their project task list.
  6. Enhanced Visibility:- The Salesforce Quip integration adds distinctive visibility to the work you do. You have the opportunity to create more powerful documents and spreadsheets with Quip in both Salesforce lightning and Salesforce Classic.

UseCases of Salesforce Quip Integration

Salesforce Quip Integration  is used for many teams like For Team Collaboration, Marketing, Information Technology, Product Development, Sales Team, HR & Recruiting and so on.

Salesforce Quip Integration is dynamic collaboration software that helps TAMS and companies that are connected, productive and innovative. There are some main reasons which are suggested by us and a lot of companies who are  using Quip integration they are as follows

  • You can stop sending team mails.
  • Runs the project transparently with the clients by updating them from time-to-time.
  • Use some special characters like `@’ to notify and assign.
  • Centralize your teams.

Salesforce Quip integration creates an agenda, capture notes in real-time, assign tasks to follow the action items after the communication with clients. Quip creates a single source of document where everyone can stay updated on their deliverables. In Quip, your team can organize their work into shared folders where everyone can create, share, and discuss work together.