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Salesforce Lead Management Tips and Best Practices


Salesforce Lead Management

Lead Management is one of the main functionalities for business growth. Lead Management functionalities helps the customers to get more leads and sales.

Best Practices

Now we are going to give some brief explanation of the practices which you have to make sure whether you are focusing on the right lead or not, and it tracks what works and what doesn’t work.

  1. Generating The qualify Leads:By knowing the problems and interest of the customer, and mainly we focus on the lead that customer will attract. Generate the lead based on the channels they prefer for communication and roles of them in buying process. The more quality leads we generate then the more opportunities and successful deals you may have.
  2. Makes the content attractive to the customer:Attract the customers about your company by creating blogs which gives the opportunities for the customers. It's a chance to impact the purchaser's choice by displaying your organization's authority and skills, to a strategy to become familiar with your clients' needs. Portion your group of spectators and convey them to focus on substance with clear invitations to take action.
  3. Make Ready of sales and marketing Teams:To assign the sales and marketing team first they have to follow some rules like, they ought to be your organization's quarterback and collector. They should know the plays before the game even starts. Set the boundary line to both teams to complete the task and to work leads proficiently. There will be mutually agreed leads within marketing and sales team which have leads response time. The sales and marketing team will centralized the database of the customer activities.
  4. Investing in Marketing Automation:If you are confident in growing your business then mainly you should focus on advertising and marketing automation software programs. This could assist you're making smarter choices in investments and displays your advertising and marketing activities. Customers will invest their money for the product by keeping hopes on your company. The sales team will effectively fulfill the needs of the customer and make them satisfaction for their investment.
  5. Avoiding Duplicate Leads:By setting up the rules, you will stop the users by entering the duplicate records in salesforce. You have to implement the new system that database which is entered by user should be cleaner, unless there is a big reason for it. For example Phone number and email addresses are unique worldwide, by them you can identify the duplicate records and block them. In case you find several profiles belonging to the same person, you could merge them with both salesforce & appexchange. Except, you could use validation policies that restriction the conversion of leads with incomplete statistics.
  6. Rate & Prioritise the best Leads by taking feedback:By rating & priority the leads your sales agent can easily find which lead they should contact first. You can manually assign a rating & priority to each lead, in that the best will find an automatic solution. And mainly You should not think that the task is completed after the deal closes or while you lose a lead, here you have to show your skills by taking the feedback from the customer whether they are satisfied or not, If they are satisfied then the task is completed if not you have to rectify them.


Hence, there are five tips which are suggested by micropyramid will help to run the salesforce lead management effectively.

  1. Expert in Knowing the buyer profile:To know the customer profile your company has to follow some rules like, Sales, advertising and marketing want to be on the same web page. Are you selling to b2b or b2c? Small companies or corporation? What’s their annual sales appear like? What about the period in their sales cycle? Are you selling to a CEO, advertising and marketing director, or different selection maker? Set up a profile that both departments can reference in order that the definition of a “exact lead” usually fits up.
  2. Interest & Intent based Teams:Are leads looking at white papers and webinars, or are they surfing more action-oriented objects like buyer’s publications and pricing statistics? If they’re just poking around on your site, they’re displaying interest. But if they’re showing greater initiative, like signing up for product demonstrations and viewing pricing information, that indicates intent. These are going to be your hotter leads. Ensure your income and advertising teams understand the distinction between those two behaviors by way of having a clean definition of what actions remember the most.
  3. Scoring and grading rules of leads:As soon as you understand your customer profile, it ought to be simpler to set and weight standards with the intention to inform you whether or not a lead is a good in shape. Rather than manually sifting via lead data, use a machine like advertising and marketing automation to do that sort of element for you. With scoring and grading guidelines in area, you could guarantee that leads are becoming exceeded from advertising to income precisely while you need them to be.
  4. Be familiar with non-sales-ready leads:At some critical conditions we might encounter cold leads who are not interested to make a purchase. Then you have to nurture them about the valuable content regarding the services and maintain a customer relationship for your company prospects.
  5. Create engaging, supporting content:To add the content in the drip emails then we should have supporting effective lead as nurture lead. Due to lack of storage to pull the content the company find themselves unprepared lead management from content perspective. Company take time to build up the content which is included in emails, on landing pages, lead management process which will run that much more smoothly.