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Salesforce Customization to Boost your Business Customers



Customization is a term heard around the salesforce platform which is designed to manage the organization when it starts working into code to achieve your business objectives. Salesforce crm customization offers you a wide range of things that can be done behind with coding. Adding triggers on the object to perform some action is called customized salesforce development. And finally, there are few configured things that perform actions that are not achievable and it results in adding some custom code, which results in Customization.

For custom salesforce application development, technical experts are required on the apex code and visual force page. For many customers, the strength of salesforce is customization.

Salesforce Customization is the main lead to go through Salesforce consulting, Customize mobile application development, Custom designing and third-party integration.

When should we Customize?

If you break your business method down into the parts which will be handled via configuration and therefore the parts that have to be handled by customizations. There are thousands of reasons to customize the platform, lets us go through some common reasons which we have seen and heard about them:

  • The business process may not be skilled through workflows and validation rules.
  • For third party integration we should do customization.
  • We cannot directly use the standard reports for gathering the required information.
  • Most people nowadays are using Word/Excel to manage data outside of salesforce, Why? Because it takes a lot of time to do it within salesforce to overcome this we use customization.

If you’re going the route of making Apex code or triggers you'll be able to do that with an implementation partner or by employing a developer in-house. If you're going with one thing that needs Visualforce you’ve got a lot of options: you'll use AppExchange apps, like SkyVisualEditor, to make your UIs for you, you'll hire an implementation partner to make your UIs, otherwise you will use an in-house developer. 

We got some clarity about when should we do customization and now we will go through the usage of it

Use of Salesforce Customization:-

The main reason why Salesforce has become this common is as result of it's extremely customizable. Not simply customized emails and offers supported purchase history, B2B and B2C organizations are inquisitive about services and tools that are apart from platforms supposed for production. They have one thing that matches their own distinctive needs. They conjointly wish it in a very manner that's effective and intuitive. 

Salesforce customization system’s functionality in keeping with your business needs and requirements. Bring further worth to your marketing and sales activities, increase the number of latest customers and boost company profits. Help you embrace the world’s leading CRM platform and take full advantage of its advantages for your business.

Customization includes things like JavaScript Buttons, Triggers, or VF Pages.  Customization provides services to modify the system functionalities and for the organization's growth, to get more information about salesforce customization services

How do we customize to improve and increase your business sales?

Salesforce CRM Customization tools are designed to empower your organization to help customers, address threats, find the solutions and give values. Salesforce custom application development makes it possible for customer success, and it will help to focus on your own business performance implications.

Below are some points to improve your Business performances with the help of customization.

Increment in customization visibility:- In order to give your customer the personal attention by seeking the needs which are able to access the accounts, contacts, tasks, events and other relevant personal data quickly. Customization provides a suitable platform for managing all customer information.

Time Management:- While we are going through different responsibilities we feel like we don’t have much time to complete the task and the hours become shorter and shorter. To overcome this Salesforce customization, get an idea to combine all your customer calendars, schedules, activities etc., by this we can decrease the downtime and finish the task within the deadline.

Effective Sales Leads:- Now-a-days finding the perfect lead is a big process, Salesforce Customization support allows you for easily tracking the individual prospects which include their main points, expectations and all necessary information that leads to the best pipelines of sales. By this process you’ll see exactly where the lead is, as well as know what their next step should be.

Support Management:- Salesforce customization support provides superior support when issues arise in event or immediate actions are taken to get back quickly for full functionality.

Increase productivity:- Salesforce customization throws away the waste process and decreases the effort, leaving a high efficient system will give your organization and your customers real value for the action performed which increases the company's productivity.

Among all these there are few points which we have to follow to boot your business customers by using integrations to get all your customer data to one place, personalize the data, use social media to reach your company, Integrate with your customer service platforms, track customer interaction, identify your inactive subscribers and re-engage them


Boosting the business customers is the most effective way which impacts your organization. But, with a lot of competition there’s no need for customers to stick with your organization if something better comes along.

Micropyramid marketers know how to empower the data of personalizes customers experiences, add values and listen to customer needs. This helps for a long-lasting relationship with customers to your company. Get in touch with us