Process Builder in Salesforce

Process builder helps you to automate business processes like record update, email alerts and any tasks you assign. It’s an extension of workflow rules containing more features. We can create the whole process in one place rather than using different workflow rules.

This whole process builder has point and click interface. The process uses custom or standard object with related action to automate a business process, all without a single line of code. 

How to start with the process builder:

From Setup--> Build--> Create--> Workflow and approvals--> Process builder

Click on new to create a new process. A popup will appear where you have to enter name, description and the process starts when option has three values

  • A record changes
  • A platform event occurs
  • It’s invoked by another process

Select one of the above and click on save, you will get the page as shown below.

To start the process, click on add object and a page is displayed which you have to select the object and start the process options.

In the advanced option, select yes if you want to allow the process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction.

Next you have to add criteria to evaluate the process. Click on add criteria, enter criteria name, select the options under criteria for executing actions,

  • Conditions are met
  • Formula evaluates to true
  • No criteria—just execute the actions!

Click on add row to add more conditions to the action.

Set the condition where you will find ‘Field’, ‘Operator’, ‘Type’, ‘Value’. Select one of the conditions among

  • All of the conditions are met (AND)
  • Any of the conditions are met (OR)
  • Customize the logic

If needed, we can schedule the action by set schedule button which has time and date to select. To Stop the flow click on stop. We can add more flows one after another or click on activate button when you have assigned data in the correct format and check validation rules. Process builder can perform more actions than Work flows.

Actions that can be performed with Process builder:

  • Create and update records.
  • Send an Email alert.
  • Submit a record for approval.
  • Invoke a process from another process.
  • Launch a flow.
  • We can call apex methods.
  • Post to chatter.

Posted On 09 September 2017 By MicroPyramid

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