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Live Chat with SalesForce Live Agent


Salesforce Live Agent

Before going to Salesforce Live agent, check it out what is salesforce and what does it do

Live Agent is a live chat feature of salesforce CRM solution developed by It allows your company to connect with your clients, prospects of your website in real-time through web-based, text by live chats.

Live Agent is suitable for businesses with a limited size for their support team and wants to maximize each of their agent’s return. It also helps in utilizing your budget as it has no charge for each interaction.

Salesforce live agent enables you to build a smarter team by allowing you to use private messages, coach your agents in real-time. It also offers you an excellent platform for routing chats, monitoring agent queues to enable you maximize productivity and balance workloads.

Possibilities of Salesforce Live Agent

  • Convenient For Customers:- By Live Agent customers are responding positively to chat on websites. It provides the customers with  immediate access to help by live chat. The customers will get quick responses with Live Chat and can easily multitask with chat.
  • Efficiency:- The main drawback of call centers is each agent can deal only with a single customer at a time. A live chat agent can potentially deal with several customers at once. It is entirely text-based, you keep a transcript of every chat that can be analysed.
  • Expenses:- Live chats can reduce overall call center costs by lowering average interaction costs. In case of call centers you can handle multiple chats and reduce the need of hiring more agents.
  • Increase in Sales, Drives services, Builds trust:- Live chat on a website is the main source to increase sales. By making it available as a support option, you help to build trust of the customer. By forwarding a specific chat to an agent with specific skills, you can increase customer satisfaction. Chats can also be escalated to experts in a transparent way for the customer.
  • Knowledge Integration:- Being part of service cloud, Live agent is also integrated with knowledge this interface is different where the integration is below the chat dialogue to maximise the customers.
  • Handling Multiple Chats & Enabled Mobiles:- By Live agent live chat you can  handle multiple clients who want to interact with you and know their aspects. Customers can use live agents from their mobile devices itself.

Use-Cases that the solutions we solved

  • Salesforce Live Agent connects with your team efficiently. To manage workloads and increase each agents’ productivity, you can monitor the loads and manage your customers waiting time.
  • You can also use real customer conversations to coach agents by improving their service in real-time through private messages.
  • Salesforce Live Agent ensures your agents can react to your clients with the correct answers at the perfect time. Subsequently, it indicates an agent a 360-degree of a client's profile to deliver an answer in-setting.
  • Salesforce Live Agent implants talk support on your site and application. On the off chance that a client has an inquiry or request, the individual in question can without much of a stretch snap the visit catch to begin a discussion. Having a continuous online assistance abstains from losing clients as you can react while clients are dynamic. Besides, your reaction is customized depending on how a prospect draws in with your talk: in the event that the person is prepared or positive about the deal or still reluctant to buy (which means the lead will require all the more sustaining).