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How to Enable Opportunity Splits in Salesforce


Opportunity splits allows sales representatives to divide credit and revenue on any sales deal. These splits can be rolled up in pipeline and forecast report.

For example, sales representative in your organization clicks on opportunity and look in their customer(opportunity name) which consists of opportunity splits object.

By default 100% of the revenue credit is assigned to the sales representative. For this deal, if the sales representative is collaborating with another member. They can be added by clicking edit opportunity splits and respective percentage is added. If the sales representative is collaborated with another product manager or some other, then the revenue can be divided using overlay split, hence this can be done by clicking overlay and team member is added.

  1. First enable team selling in the team selling setup.



     -->opportunity team

     -->opportunity team settings

Enable team selling in opportunity team settings  

2. Select all the required page layout for opportunity and click on save.

3. From setup, click on




     -->opportunity splits


4. Click on setup opportunity splits and save the split types.

By default in this, we have two different types of splits. These two can't be deleted, but we can rename or deactivate and they are


In this, we can give credits to team members who are responsible for an opportunity.


In these credits given to team members are not responsible directly. They can use splits which can be total any percentage of an opportunity amount.

To add new splits, click on add new split, field and specify whether they must be given total  100% to that field.

5. Enable the type of split required for your organization and select the page layout.

After enabling splits, we get an option called edit split types.

In the edit split types, various tabs are displayed now we can add/delete team member from opportunity splits and defines the percent according to the team member. Hence, the amount will change according to the percentage.