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How to Create Permission Sets in Salesforce


Permission sets

A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that give users access to various tools and functions. Depending on the salesforce edition, users can have multiple permission sets. You can assign permission sets to various types of users, regardless of their profiles.

How to create permission Sets:

From Setup Enter Permission sets, then select permission sets under Manage users section

Click on new and enter the information

Select the types(license) of users for the permission set

Click on Save


When you create a permission set, you select a specific user or permission set license. If only users with one type of license can use the permission set, select the license that’s associated with the users.

Limitations of Permission sets:

The Maximum number of permission sets can be created are 1000. This limit is dependent on type of salesforce features and editions.

Permission set can’t be used for revoking access, It is only used for granting access.

In Master-detail relationships, if master is a standard object then permission sets can’t be assigned to a custom object in that relationship.

Permission sets: maximum (created and added as part of an installed managed AppExchange package) are 1500

You can’t change the user license in a cloned permission set.

Permission set groups: maximum (created per org) are 800.

Data and file storage limitations:

Storage in salesforce is divided into two categories

File Storage and data storage

File Storage includes files in attachments, Files home, Salesforce CRM Content, Chatter files (including user photos), the Documents tab, the custom File field on Knowledge articles, and assets.

Data Storage Includes standard objects, custom objects, Events, Email messages, Tasks etc.

Limitations of File Storage:

Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions are allocated 10 GB of file storage per org. Essentials edition is allocated 1 GB of file storage per org.

In Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions, orgs are allocated 2 GB of file storage per user license.

Contact Manager, Group, Professional Edition orgs are allocated 612 MB per standard user license, which includes 100 MB per user license plus 512 MB per license for the Salesforce CRM Content feature license.

An org with fewer than 10 users receives a total of 1 GB of per-user file storage rather than 100 MB> per user license.

Limitations of Data Storage:

Contact Manager, Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions are allocated 10 GB for data storage, plus incrementally added user storage.

For Example, a Professional Edition org with 10 users receives 10 GB of data storage, plus 200 MB, for 10.2 GB of total data storage