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How to Create Custom List Views


Custom List views are used to show custom view of a particular set of data based on criteria we specify. We create list views to see specific set of contacts, leads, users, etc. Custom list views can be used to create mass email recipient lists.

There are already list views which we can see. This can be done by clicking on the home page of an object, click the drop-down menu to see current lists we have. Upon picking a list form the menu list view records are displayed.

We can sort the list by clicking on the field names displayed.

How to create a Custom List view:

In the home page of any object, we get an option called create new view besides the drop-down list.

Click on the create new view, enter the view name and same view name is assigned to unique view name which is used by API and the managed packages. Name must begin with a letter and use alphanumeric characters and underscore. The name shouldn't end with underscore or name should't has two consecutive underscores.

Next, specify filter criteria. In filters by owner category, there are three options, all unconverted leads, my unconverted leads and queue. Select the filter by campaign name using the lookup field.

Select the field name, operator and value or add a filter logic based on your requirement. Entering an illogical filter criterion can cause unusual behavior of list view. 

In select fields display, add available fields which you want to display in the list view. It shows only the fields which are available in that object. You can display up to 15 fields. 

We get three options in restrict visibility. They are visible only to me, visible to all users, visible to a certain group of users. Select one of these three to show the visibility of the custom list you have created.

Click save and the view appears in drop-down list which you can view.

We can hide the list view, if you are a salesforce admin or user with manage public view permission. In this case, only you can see the list view.

To make the list view visible to certain group or users. Open List view and select visible to a certain group of users. Choose the type of group or roles from drop-down list, select the group or role from the list which is under available for sharing and click on them to add.

In community user profiles if the visible to all users is enabled for views of an object. List views are visible to the community users customer community, partner community, etc. licenses. To make list views available only to your salesforce users, select visible to a certain group of users and share the list views with certain required users.

If you want to delete a custom list view, click on the edit and delete the list view.


There are no limits for a number of list views that can be created for an object.