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How to Configure Web to Lead Generation in Salesforce


Web-to-lead forms are used to capture information from your website visitors(when someone contacts) and generate them as leads in Salesforce.

How to setup web to lead form:

Make Sure that web-to-lead is enabled in the web-to-lead settings.

In the settings, select user for default lead creator who will be listed as Creator when a Lead is created online.

Use Lead Auto-Response Rules to select different email response templates based on attributes of the leads submitted online. Select the appropriate template so that whenever leads don’t match with any of the rules will be sent with the selected email template.

Click on

Setup--> Build--> Leads--> Web-to-Lead

In the web-to-lead setup, click on create a new web-to-lead form.

Select the fields which are required in web-to-lead form. Use add and remove arrows to move fields between the available fields list and selected fields list. Change order of the fields using up and down arrows. You can also setup custom fields which are not displayed in available fields.

Some of the points to be followed while selecting the fields:

  • Check the fields which you have added and for some organizations using multiple currencies, add the lead currency field if you add currency amount fields otherwise all amounts are captured in your corporate currency.
  • Use a custom multi-select picklist to allow potential customers to express interest in several products.
  • For organizations using lead record types, select the Lead Record Type field if you want users to select a record type for Web-generated leads.
  • Source of your web-to-lead form is always in your personal language.

Provide URL link in the return url section, where users are redirected to the url link provided upon submitting web-to-lead form.

To prevent spam leads, enable spam filtering and provide recaptcha api key pair and enable server fallback, select language and click on generate.

Html code is generated which you can put into your company website, do customization to that code according to the requirements. Once it’s done add it to the company website. 


The daily limit for web-to-lead requests is 500. If the organization exceeds daily lead limit, the default lead creator which is specified in the settings page receives an email containing additional lead information.

The format for date and currency fields captured online is taken from your organization’s default settings - Default Locale and Currency Locale.

Before creating records submitted via Web-to-Lead, Salesforce runs field validation rules. If any field values are invalid, no lead record is created.

All required fields must have a value before a record can be created via Web-to-Lead. Salesforce doesn’t support Rich text area(RTA) fields on web-to-lead forms. If RTA is entered into the fields it is converted into plain text form and lead is created.