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How to Choose Salesforce Consulting Partner for your Company


Nowadays, thousands of companies rely on Salesforce services. There are more than 9700 companies in the world that depend on salesforce CRM services

Also, Salesforce consulting partners are gradually increasing. It's becoming difficult to search for organizations to search for an ideal best Salesforce implementation partner as it demands a smart technical expert.

Let us now see the factors that will help you choose an ideal salesforce consulting company

Research thoroughly Online

The Internet is an ocean of information, hence, take the help of online research, visit the websites of Salesforce consulting, videos, articles, try to enquire, refer question and answer sites, etc.


Use your networks to understand your needs, connect with people having similar kinds of requirements, ask for their recommendations. Network with business professionals that have the same company size and prerequisite as your organization.

Contact Account Executives

You can connect with Salesforce's account executives that help you in providing a list of quality implementation partners having rich experience in your Salesforce industry verticals.

Detailed Enquiry

Cross-check every Salesforce consulting partner provided by the account executives and start approaching them. Ask them for demos, trials, case studies before deciding. You can also ask to post a request for a proposal and ask for ideal consultants. You can learn a lot from these consultants and understand whether they will be perfect for your business.

Decide According to Your Expenses

Mention your budget to your consultant so that there won't be any further miscommunications, this will save both the party's time. Also, look after the data migration costs as it varies from 5% to 40% according to your project's budget. Salesforce data migration is expensive yet worthwhile, but be aware that you can afford it. Always try to find the best that your money can buy.

Find Out their Work Ethics

Check out their methodology for handling a project. Ask them details about their project planning, action, their roles viz., Strategic consultant, Data or Requirements Architect, etc., as well as their execution. On this basis, you can figure out if their work ethics will be favorable for your company.

Find Experts not just Service Providers

After studying all the factors, try to find an expert instead of salesforce implementation partners with lots of benefits at a low cost. Examine such kinds of consultants but always for an expert who would help boost your business and improve your productivity.

Find a Long Term Consultant

When you finally decide your Salesforce consulting partner, stick to them, trust them, work together, exchange ideas, and become a long term family.

Features of best Salesforce Implementation Consultant

Salesforce Implementation consultant must have execution involvement in deals, sales, client assistance, marketing, and activities so they can re-characterize your commitment with prospects, clients, partners, and employees.

Best Salesforce implementation partner has a well prepared specialized support. The company ought to be ISO Certified. It must have the option to convey the venture of the project on time with the most noteworthy quality norms.

Why Choose Micropyramid?

MicroPyramid is one of the salesforce consulting partner companies having the best proficient salesforce employees. It is good at handling client services, Marketing, and Sales activities.

MicroPyramid deals with many services of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Appexchange etc.

MicroPyramid has certified Salesforce consultants. Our team personally interacts with clients to fulfill the client's needs & responsibilities clearly and give the best possible result. Our company mainly focuses on the quality of the product and customer satisfaction.

Roles of Micropyramid as a Salesforce Consultant

There are some roles Micropyramid follows that give the best services and results. Some of these roles are Strategic consultant, Data or Requirements Architect, Change Management Consultant, Technical Project Management, Organizational Project Management, Project Sponsor/Administrators, Consultant Management. Let us give you a brief explanation about the roles:

  • If your expectations are high with Salesforce, at that point, MicroPyramid leads you through a procedure to distinguish imaginative approaches to assemble new associations with the individuals who matter most to your main goal. If your association needs to change how you work, you have to locate a firm having a procedure that interfaces the eventual fate of your central goal to Salesforce.
  • MicroPyramid, the best Salesforce implementation partner, will furnish you with straightforward help here. However, in some cases, an inability to give a chance or enough consideration to the executives can wreck or slow the selection.
  • Specialized Project Management is dealing with expert work things as relegated, and they are significant in dealing with their very own assignments.
  • MicroPyramid provides representatives at your association to deal with the solicitations they have from you.
  • MicroPyramid's Salesforce Admin realizes how to help individuals to assemble reports, fix future issues, and reason with the moderate adopters.

A Salesforce consulting partner like the MicroPyramid mainly focuses on Sales, Project Management, Technologies related to the Project, Project Implementation methodology, support from customers, Estimate the cost before starting to price them.


Being one of the best Salesforce implementation partners, our development team investigates the business necessities in detail. We propose the ideal Salesforce items or best CRM solution for your business. Our accomplished and ensured Salesforce specialists help you plan and strategize the best styles to actualize Salesforce arrangements and customized Salesforce cloud applications.

You can contact Micropyramid informatics Pvt Ltd for a better Salesforce consulting partner. We help you in Salesforce advancement, development, and staff enrolling. We have experienced teams for development, salesforce sales, and marketing cloud services, appexchange development, and many more to give you the best service. We have strived hard to be perfect salesforce consulting partners for you.