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How to Access Schema Builder in Salesforce


Schema builder helps you with a detailed view of all objects and relationships between them in the salesforce application. In this, we can design data model with existing objects by simply dragging and dropping.

How to start with the schema builder in salesforce:

From Setup --> Build --> Schema builder.

Upon clicking schema builder you will be able to get schema builder page consisting of all the options that are required to build a data model.

From the object's tab, you will find a pick list known as ‘select from’ in which it has values all, selected, standard, custom and system objects. Select one of them to filter. Click on one of the objects and move it to any space on the canvas. Schema builder will automatically save the layout of the schema whenever you move the object.

Upon selecting multiple objects, when you click on the auto layout, it sorts the layout of your schema. Once the auto-layout is selected, you can’t undo it.

Click on view options which has display element labels, show relationship and hide legend. Upon selecting display element labels, it will show you the API names of the objects, required fields, etc. By selecting show relationship it will display you the relationship between two objects or interdependency in the form pointing lines. Show legend refers to different colours of the lines used for mapping between objects.

Element's tab allows you to create custom objects and fields. Drag and drop the object into the canvas and fill the details to save it. Fields can be created on existing objects in your org. It can be done by selecting the desired object on to the canvas and from the element's section drag and drop the required field into the object which is selected.

  • To view the details of a field in a new window, right-click the element name or label and select View Field in New Window.
  • To edit properties of a custom field, right-click the element name or label and select Edit Field Properties.
  • To manage permissions of a custom field, click the element name or label and select Manage Field Permissions.

In the settings option on object, you will find Hide Object on Canvas, View Object detail in a new window(upon selecting), View Page Layouts detail in a new window.

For objects with many fields, click Show More Fields to display all the fields. The map in the lower-right corner shows the overall layout of your objects on the canvas. Click the map to navigate the layout of your objects.

Schema builder automatically updates the changes and saves the layout of your schema at any time. Other options like zoom in, zoom out and side bar collapses are available in the schema builder. You can add custom objects, lookup relationships, master-detail relationships and all custom fields except geolocation to your schema. Create objects, fields and custom objects, custom fields with the schema builder.


Exporting schema from schema builder from one org to another isn’t possible.

Objects created outside of Schema Builder, such as through an app or the API, don’t automatically displays on the canvas. Select the checkbox for the object created outside Schema Builder to display it on the canvas.