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How Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Solves the Major Financial Service Problems


Financial cloud services in salesforce

In Salesforce, Financial services is a platform designed for high-touch client relationship management. When you use Financial services cloud in salesforce CRM as your platform, it's easy to manage so many different clients. Financial services cloud helps your advisors, customers, bankers or anyone interacting with clients to deliver the personalized service that clients expect. It helps to increase user productivity with technology and engage with clients to build deeper, lasting and more profitable relationships.

Ideal for businesses of all sizes, this platform allows you to explore the different methods by which you can guide your clients on their sales journey. the platform has integrated dashboards and AI capabilities to provide you with actionable insights on client behavior and their business networks.

Major Financial Problems financial cloud services solve

One of the major financial problems that financial cloud services is engaging with customers in a whole new way. With integrations in salesforce, data can be pulled into one dashboard for clear view of the client. To do this, users in your organization who need it can access information about clients financial goals, life events and accounts. When clients trust the people in your organization that they can access your financial data details, that can increase their comfort level with your organization. To make client engagement more easy, salesforce gives clients the flexibility to connect you everywhere through salesforce app.

Outdated Software is one of the problems faced by financial services. When they use the same old software for decades without any updates or improvements in the software. It can’t fulfill the expectations from your clients as well as from your sales team. With the salesforce financial cloud services, you can manage all the internal and external systems at one place and it offers up to date software with all the necessary implementations and customizations to the software.

Security is another important thing that financial services require. For this, Financial services in salesforce offers the most secure crm platform for their clients. Salesforce features provide high security and build trust among your clients interms of accessing information or data with them.

Handling Huge Data is one big challenge that the financial services industry faces. For this Salesforce financial services cloud collects all the required data into one place and places it into the dashboard with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI). AI provides real time data interpretation.

Customization of financial software applications is very important for financial service companies. There are different kinds of financial services companies like banking, investing, insurance, wealth management etc.. Salesforce financial services cloud finds the top challenges faced by respective companies and helps them to customize their applications accordingly. With this you can build a product according to the business requirements and needs.

Some of the salesforce financial services cloud features are:

Einstein Analytics

B2C Data Model

Financial Account Management

Relationship Mapping

Wealth Reports and Dashboards

Financial Rollup Summaries


Flexible integrations

Advanced case management

Email Integration

Lead management 

Opportunity Tracking

Order Management

Workflow Automation