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Highlights of Salesforce Summer '18 Release Notes


Salesforce SUMMER '18 release notes offers new features and functionalities with improvements to the existing CRM experience.

In Sales cloud, with the new setup app customizing and setting up salesforce is simple and faster to use. This can be accessed from the lightning essentials home page in the settings. Einstein forecasting accuracy has been improved. With the new mobile intelligence inbox, einstein email insights identifies email that needs attention in your inbox based on key factors.

In Service cloud, with AI-powered chatbots we can manage cases and can reduce time. Bots can be used to solve more routine issues and agents can concentrate on more complex issues faced by customers. Employees can solve and manage cases with the new service cloud mobile app. This app has all the case management features. With the snap-Ins for appointment management feature, it can deliver options for the customers to create work orders and manage service appointments directly from the website. With the omni-channel skills-based routing, cases are automatically routed to the right agents based on their skill set and availability. Case email enhancements help us to maintain email communication and increase agent productivity.

In Marketing cloud, Link your Google Analytics 360 account to Marketing Cloud to gather cross-channel data and visualize customer journey analytics in Journey Builder. Customers can now access an analytics dashboard within journey builder to analyze the statistics coming from salesforce and google without leaving marketing cloud. With the new Einstein split flow control, test content lines, subjects, offers and even different channels to personalize journey for different individuals. From an individual record, we can send one brand email with prospects to their customers. Many external social media apps can be integrated to run marketing campaigns.

In the lightning community builder, from the pre-built themes, we can create visually stunning experience for visitors just by clicks. Managers can now post message to members broadly just by crafting it once rather than posting it individually.

In Ecommerce cloud, showing the relevant search results to the customers with the new Einstein search recommendations. SEO meta tags helps to maximize search engine ranking, improve traffic, etc.. Where new rules are added, which allow merchants to define meta tags using those rules. Language analyzer for site search helps you understand characteristics of a specific language(mostly grammar) and increase the relevancy of search. In this, new filters are added into the language analyzer into the latest release. With the new improvements in extensible markup language helps to maximize search engine ranking and increase traffic to your site.

With the new analytics, users can now set rules using measures and dimension values for conditional formatting for charts, tables and number widgets. In the lightning platform, you can now organize and share your reports by sub folders. Scheduling of data reports has been improved a lot.

Push notifications to the salesforce mobile app now displays more content from chatter post, task management, approval request, etc. Event monitoring customers can now receive event log files in hourly increments for recent activity along with 24 hr event log files.

In lightning platform, filtering enhancements are made to filter list views by team, queue or campaign. Improvements to mass quick action which allows users edit or add child records like tasks or comments for up to hundred records in a list view across most objects in lightning experience. With the new personalized navigation enhancements, end users can now easily add items to navigation bar using a new UI. They can also drag and drop navigation bar tabs directly.

Improvements have been made for creating, and editing custom themes based on feedback. We can crop an image directly after uploading as in previous upload, we don't have crop option. We can override the existing colours with our own.

Now developers can see a page is styled with a look of lightning experience by using lightningStylesheets attribute. The new lightningStylesheets attribute gives unstyled visual force pages the lightning experience look, automatically. With the new and improved lightning components help developers accelerate app development.