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Easy and Simple Guide to Salesforce Pricing and Implementation Costs


Salesforce Pricing

To make an accurate estimation, you have to go deep about salesforce pricing and calculation about how much you have to spend on purchasing, deploying, tailoring and maintenance of the solution. Salesforce pricing is based on software as a service model, The pricing is based on pay for use method on a period basis. The price is not fixed, it changes year by year, after the  completion of free trials if you want to access it you should pay an amount based on the product.

Salesforce offers multiple services, with four plan tiers like Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited. Your annual payment is based on products.

Salesforce Product pricing

Let us discuss products of salesforce and its cost or pricing. Salesforce products run entirely in the cloud which are different to offer end-to-end solutions for which you can explore your industry, business type, role or needs.

Sales Cloud:- Salesforce sales cloud is the flagship sales automation software solution from It is mainly used for sales automation, sales process design, reporting and forecasting.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Essential Pricing is 25 USD/user/month per annually for small businesses upto 10 users with basic features. Professional pricing is 75 USD/user/month per annually for any size team with forecasting but without customization features. Enterprise pricing is 150 USD/user/month per annually for deeply customizable sales CRM which can be customized for most of the business cases. Unlimited Pricing is 300 USD/user/month per annually for highly customizable CRM with additional usage which allows limits and support.

Service Cloud:- Service cloud is the customer support and call centre software. It is a solution for omni-channel customer service. It helps you to deliver more personalized support through various channels such as email, live chat, and phone.

Salesforce Service Cloud Essential Service CRM pricing for small businesses of upto 10 users with basic features like case Management, Service Console, Telephony Integration and Knowledge Management Cost is 25 USD/user/month per annually. Professional pricing is 75 USD/user/month for the size of the team with features like case Management, service console, Telephony Integration, Service Contracts and Entitlements. Deeply customisable Enterprise for your business. Can be customized for most of the business cases and can be integrated using web services APIs cost is 150 USD/user/month. Highly customizable Unlimited with additional usage allowance for limits and support and configuration services price is 300 USD/user/month annually.

Marketing Cloud:- Marketing cloud is a one-to-one marketing platform which is integrated with sales or service cloud which is used for sending emails, advertisements, messaging, to bring customers to your website or landing pages

Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing is not published by salesforce. Its pricing is based on features of customers like email, marketing, mobile marketing and so on.

Commerce Cloud:- Commerce cloud is a Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer solution that can create an online buying experience or an e-commerce website for their customers. It offers offline or retail features like merchandising tools, products, pricing catalogs and so on.

Commerce Cloud Pricing is not fixed. It differs based on the features of the customer usage.

Einstein Analytical Cloud:- Einstein Analytics is a Business Intelligence software from salesforce which helps to discover insights, predict outcomes, find recommendations and analyze AI platforms.

Einstein Analytics Pricing of Einstein Prediction is 75 USD/user/month per annually for Automated discovery and predictive insights which allows any user to view insights created with them. Einstein Analytics plus edition cost is based on contact which is an advanced analytics platform with built-in intelligence.

Salesforce does not have any offers or free plans. It gives you the free trial after that you have to pay based on product and it will charge cheap by usage of yours

Salesforce Implementation cost

Let’s consider a mid-sized company who plans to implement a salesforce for managing their sales and customer service processes, and provide licenses for Sales, service cloud subscriptions like c-level executives, sales managers, sales reps, customer service manager and agent and marketing managers.

Considering the prices of Sales and Services Cloud, the total annual fee to salesforce is

$89,000 for the lightning Enterprise Edition

$182,000 for the Lightning Unlimited Edition