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Difficulties in Salesforce Implementation and it's Solutions


Salesforce is one of the best CRM Software platforms available. It’s an all in one cloud based solution that has everything you need in CRM Software. However there are some difficulties while implementing Salesforce. Before implementing, it is necessary to understand the challenges, difficulties and roadblocks caused by Salesforce CRM. Some of the Difficulties faced by implementing Salesforce are

Data Migration and Data quality is one of the difficulties faced while implementing salesforce. To deal with this it requires a separate approach, strategy and implementation team. Dealing with user mapping, duplicate data, security, cleaning up data requires considerable time and efficient team. To overcome this difficulty, you should look after data mapping where you should map relevant fields, importing huge amounts of data in one go rather than importing them multiple times and having realistic expectations of the amount of time and effort it may take to import and prepare your data for migration. By engaging the team members who know your data well to help with data migration validation.

Salesforce is a huge CRM Platform with many point click functionalities but some companies find difficulties and challenges while Customizing Salesforce platform according to the business and individual needs. One can make the salesforce platform too complex for end users by customizing the application without understanding proper requirements and needs. One can customize the platform starting from small blocks to more complex blocks for a perfect solution with more time and budget than the allotted ones for that project. To overcome this difficulty, the salesforce customization team needs to divide the features into certain types where they should customize the application according to those types like basic feature , essential feature etc in order of importance. This will save you from excessive customization and budget. Know Complete Salesforce Implementation cost

Integrating Salesforce with third party systems is one of the challenges faced by salesforce implementation. Not having a clear scope like not identifying business needs, having duplicate or bad data which will cause data mismatch between different applications, by misunderstanding real time integration with importing and exporting data into salesforce with other applications some of them will remain out of sync with real time changes. To overcome these challenges, one should have a clear scope and budget while integrating salesforce with third party systems, setup right data validation rules while salesforce integration flows are executed and understanding real time integrations problems accurately.

Training users is one of the most important difficulties while implementing salesforce in your organization. To master features in salesforce, users should undergo proper introductory training with salesforce professionals. The training depends upon the number of custom built features or functionalities implemented in your salesforce organization. Without proper training and support every minor issue looks like a complex problem to the user and they might stop using it. To overcome this difficulty, the salesforce team should release notes according to the new features developed with details and also they should customize the application user friendly.

Use Cases

While implementing salesforce integration with third party applications in our organization we faced some difficulties with data import and export.

Challenge we faced

Importing and exporting huge amounts of data. In salesforce there are some limitations and exceptions while importing and exporting data from one application to another application. In our organization we faced the above mentioned issue.

How do we achieved

We Wrote apex batch classes to overcome the governor limits and exceptions set by the salesforce to import and export data while integrating with third party applications. This apex batch class contains code which helps to customize importing and exporting of data in integration according to the business needs and requirements.