Approval process in Salesforce

Approval Process:

It is an automated process to approve records in Salesforce organization. It specifies the steps required for a record to be approved. It also allows to specify the action to be taken when a reocord is approved or rejected.

Create an object and save it with required details


If the designation of the Employee object is sfdc developer then it should be sent for an approval.


Define approval status field(picklist) on employee object.

Select Setup--> Build--> Create--> Workflow & Approvals--> Approval Process.

Create a new approval process for the object employee.

Select jump start wizard, give the approval process name, specify the criteria and select the approver.

In the criteria give employee designation equals to sfdc developer. If the given criteria is met then it shoud go for approval.

Assign the user who should approve the approval process.

In the approve process detail page:

Assign the actions in initial submissions, click on the field update and give the field as designation approv.

Actions should be defined as when a record is submitted for approval process initially it should be in some action, so select it as pending.

In the final approval actions select designation approv and update the field as approved.  

In the final rejection actions select designation approv and update the field as rejected.  

In the recall actions select designation approv and update field as cancelled.

Save the approval process and activate it.


In the employee object enter the details and enter designation as sfdc developer, approval action as penidng and submit it for approval.

In the approval history it shows assigned approver, actual approver and actions as reassign, approve and reject.

Upon clicking the action, it will show the request either approve or reject options, select one of them and finally approval status will show either approved or rejected.

We can also send email to the assigned approver by selecting email alert option in the approve process detail page.


For each approval process you can have maximum of thirty(30) steps for process and twenty-five(25) approvers for step.

An organization can have 300 approval processes per object and 1000 approval processes for organization.

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Posted On 27 January 2018 By MicroPyramid

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