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8 Reasons Why Salesforce CRM is Best for Businesses


Salesforce is one of the largest and most popular Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) platforms that specializes in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. There are many CRM solutions offered by various companies, but what makes salesforce so popular among its competitors and makes it the global leader?

Salesforce was the first company to launch CRM on the cloud. The ease of use and depth of functionalities are the USPs of the software. The amount of time taken to build using salesforce is very less as compared to other CRM solutions.

Benefits of Using Salesforce CRM

CRM solutions consist of various tools and technologies that are used by organizations to acquire and retain and increase their customer base.CRM helps companies to interact and stay in touch with their existing and potential customers and streamline the processes. Here are some of the benefits about why you should start using salesforce CRM for your business,

  1. Scalability: Salesforce CRM provides multi-tenant architecture, which means as a single user, you would be using only a small part of the resources. However, as the number of users increases, the resources required can be easily upgraded without much change in performance. This is where salesforce has proved its dominanceSalesforce CRM offers a lot of customizations and according to statistics, 86% of the companies choose salesforce over others as it can fit the needs of any business. So whether you are looking to increase your customer base or interact with your present customers, salesforce has the ability to scale up based upon one’s needs and requirements.
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  2. Security: For many years there’s a lot of debate going on about the security of the data that’s being stored on the cloud. Some reports even say that cloud is more secure than the legacy practices that are being followed. But, when it comes to salesforce, data security has been their priority and has lots of tools and features with which business owners can restrict data access to people of their organization, thereby making it safe and reliable.
  3. Customizable Dashboards:  Using spreadsheets to manipulate data is a daunting task and there is a high chance of human error. With CRM, you can automate this process and save a lot of time. With the help of dashboards, the data can be visualized based upon the requirements. Suppose the director of marketing wants to look at the interaction of people on their website, with Salesforce CRM content, he/she can visualize data like click-through rates, time people spent on the website, interactions on various posts, etc. A technical project manager can set up the dashboard to monitor data related to the timeline of the projects, durations, and effectiveness of each sprint, working hours of their teams, etc. Dashboards give users quickly get a gist of the workflow without the need of reading each and every report.
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  4. Pricing Model: Salesforce pricing model is very unique as compared to other CRM software. Before salesforce, companies like Oracle and SAP used to charge a hefty fee on the software they provided, hardware and upgrades as well. later when salesforce came into competition, it introduced a fee per user which was very unique. Salesforce CRM pricing offers 4 different editions namely: Sales edition, professional edition, enterprise edition, and unlimited edition. Upgrades are offered thrice a year and free of cost.
  5. Collaboration and Accessibility: Salesforce CRM system is an expansive ecosystem consisting of customers, developers, and partners. Salesforce CRM is powered by so many features which enable people of various departments to work and exchange data seamlessly. As the data is stored on the cloud, all your team members can stay up to date with the latest information and you stay connected with your customers all the time. Using Salesforce CRM content, customers can ask questions and also provide feedback about the organization. Salesforce is a place for both developers and vendors and the ecosystem consists of vendors, consultants, and system integrators and provides support to customers right from software implementation to application development.
    With Salesforce CRM built-in tools, multiple people can work on one file and follow up the progress simultaneously.
  6. Upgrades: Salesforce team works round the clock to provide upgrades to the existing software to provide a better experience to the users. The Salesforce team regularly takes feedback from its existing customer and incorporates new features into the software. Another interesting feature offered by salesforce is backward compatibility. This means, no matter what the upgrade might be, the environment that has been customized will not be affected and you can still use all the functionalities.
  7. Innovation: Salesforce business leaders are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve their products and services, which includes partnerships with companies and investing in product improvements by incorporating the latest technologies like AI,Bigdata, and ML to improve the performance of the product.
  8. Quote Management: With Salesforce, your business can automate the process of configuring, pricing, and quoting to simplify quote management. Using this, sales representatives can provide their customers with an exact quote for a particular product and service of the company faster. Salesforce lightning eases invoice generation and cash collection process.

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Salesforce is more than just a CRM. Apart from CRM, salesforce offers even more cloud services that can be integrated with CRM to enhance functionality. With Salesforce CRM, all the team members can work together and get insights to provide exceptional services to their customers. The data organized using Salesforce CRM helps in a better understanding of the customer. This leads to better outreach and which helps in providing more efficient customer service.