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Micropyramid is a leading salesforce company In USA and provides offshore managed services in India.

Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce is constantly evolving daily, with new releases every year. With salesforce managed services and support packages we provide tailored solutions to address specific needs of your salesforce implementation methodology and support inhouse team.

Salesforce Managed Services are designed to get the data from investment, and begin to require the service rather than salesforce consulting for your business growth. Salesforce Managed services helps the company to grow high by managing all the resources and keeping them in a right track.

Why Salesforce Management Services?

In Salesforce management services any company mainly focus on three areas and they can be customized by client requirements and domains.

  • User Training- Experts of the company will train the users the tips and tricks of the customer platform. User will learn how to use common list views, user settings, email templates, standard reports and dashboards
  • Administrator Training- Administrators are trained to work in salesforce environment. Administrators has grip on security models, customizing reports, changing layouts, setting assignment rules, managing data uploads and portal management.
  • Managed Training- This Training helps the sales manager to use salesforce application to manage different teams. Managed trainers can learn how to communicate and coordinate between marketing teams, control measurable marketing activity and mass email functions.


  • Salesforce managed services has flexibility support model ranges from 9-5 weekdays to 24/7 critical support.
  • This is a cost effective pricing for reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Salesforce managed services has full management of complex salesforce organizations.


  • It is cost effective.
  • It is Versatile.
  • Salesforce management have salesforce support.
  • Scalable on demand use support new users & services.
  • Dynamics experts at your fingertips
  • Safeguard salesforce performance
  • Sales team focus on core products

Managed Services helps drives you in following support areas

  • Standard Administration Basic administration includes user management, permissions(Role, profile, group), reports and dashboards, general troubleshooting, end user support, field customization, workflow and approval process development.
  • Advanced Administration External system integrations, user experience, advanced reporting and dashboards, update planning and user adoption.
  • DevelopmentAdvanced admin includes process development, data migration/management, 3rd party tool setup, continual optimization analysis, APEX, visual force, triggers and process flows.
  • SME/AdvisoryAdvisory includes third party application research/review and release education.

What Exactly our Salesforce Consultancy will do?

  • Outsourced system admin.
  • Assistance with configuration updates.
  • Report writing and dashboard building
  • User refresher and onboard training
  • Data and best practise reviews
  • Managed services agreements of user flexibility