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Salesforce Customization Services In USA

Get Salesforce Customization Services from Micropyramid and improve Project Management, Sales Collaboration and Resource Management.

Micropyramid provides CRM Services for the past 7 years. Our salesforce developers can customize and configure your Salesforce solution according to the business needs which is useful for sales and marketing purposes.

Micropyramid covers the overall salesforce platform, If you have any queries and requirement then get in touch with us at

Why we need Salesforce Customization Services?

Every application will not be the same from its initial state, we will get day to day updates and features. Users ideas and it's requirements might change according to the trending market. Salesforce provides a platform where you can customize the application according to their business needs.

Why MicroPyramid for Salesforce Customized Services?

We have certified salesforce developers with good experience in different salesforce verticals. We have technical experts in salesforce consulting, customization and custom development. With years of experience in Salesforce customization services, MicroPyramid is one of the best technology partners in this evolving market. Our salesforce experts are having rich experience in the customization of dashboards, layouts, and UIs, workflow and logics.

How Can Salesforce CRM Customization Help You?

  • Data and Access Management.
  • Existing Solution Customizations.
  • Customized reports and dashboards.
  • Custom consoles.
  • App Customization.
  • Custom Email Services.

The Salesforce Customization Services that our Company Includes

  • Modify the system’s functionality according to business needs and requirements.
  • Adding Fields and Objects- We can add new fields, objects and records according to the industry specific.
  • Easy data Updation:- Upload, delete, process and edit huge data and updates bulk sets of data using triggers
  • Collaboration with other tools:- We can provide salesforce integration to external systems like facebook, ERP, E-Commerce and other social media application by using different API’s ( REST API).
  • Triggers for sales and marketing:- User can customize their email which looks like a designed one with different email templates.
  • Advanced level automation-We can automate various workflows like sending notifications, reminders, following up on taks and many more.
  • Customize dashboards and reports with UI- In salesforce we have Visualforce where we can create reports, or dashboard for sales, marketing and service professionals.

Salesforce products that we customize

  • Sales Cloud.
  • Marketing Cloud.
  • Service Cloud.
  • Community Cloud.