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Micropyramid is a Salesforce AppExchange Development Company In USA and provides offshore development services in India.

Salesforce AppExchange Development

Salesforce AppExchange Development service is an online application marketplace for third-party application vendors which run on the It is launched in 2006, today the marketplace hosts more than 3,400 apps. Total number of apps that are installed are approx. 5.6 million.

Salesforce AppExchange is the leading Business app in the world's marketplace. It is the salesforce’s cloud computing store. These apps are used for salesforce and communicate salesforce to each and every field of department and industry. Apps Are categorized in three ways as “By Type”- apps, components, lightning Bolt solutions, “By Product”- sales, services, marketing, etc., “By Industry”-government, education, finance, etc.

Salesforce AppExchange is the salesforce store.Salesforce AppExchange Consultant refer to the application to check whether they designed the requirements that fully functionalized as per customer needs.

Salesforce AppExchange products are divided into two types

Managed package

Managed packages are maintained by app providers. These are built by salesforce Independent Software Vendors (ISV) partners to promote and distribute application to customer which is designed by them. Application packages are created by salesforce development edition. If the package is distributed the managed packages can be upgraded, why because the customer who is installing the package can’t see or edit the apex code.

Unmanaged package

Unmanaged packages are in the form of templates. These are used to distribute applications and open-source projects, By these developers have the functionality on building blocks and later build addition functionality on the top, or changes are done based on customer requirements. Once the package is distributed it can’t be upgraded. Here the customer can see and change the package.

In case of unmanaged packages, company can go through managed packages which are maintained by vendors and are updated periodically. Managed packages reduce the scope of the business implementation to build and maintain the application and focus on solving the problems which are occurred while updating the application.

AppExchange include hundreds of free applications which are distributed as unmanaged packages and provide full access to source code to modify the needs which are to be added. We can find and install the pre build unmanaged packages and use them to build new applications.


  • Used by developers and independent software vendor partners
  • It is used to build the app for enterprise to provide each and every part from point solution to professional automation apps.
  • It is used to achieve business goals in cloud which are measurable
  • No need to build the functionality from the beginning.
  • It provides guidance for creating innovative applications.

How does AppExchange Works?

The main reason for creating AppExchange app is salesforce user. It gives users to create, publish, or install apps and extend the salesforce.Create - Salesforce users start building the application by creating custom object, custom tab, dashboards which contain all the information and reports to improve the business. These application the users can share with other salesforce users as app.

  • Publish - Salesforce customer has to register the app and publish it on AppExchange. They can publish the app by creating demo which is helpful to other salesforce users to know about the app before installing it.
  • Install - The published app on the AppExchange can be installed by the salesforce admins on there choice. Installing the app which is published in AppExchange is safe and easy.
  • Browse - Browse the descriptions, review and demos the app from AppExchange and then choose the best app which is suitable.
  • Test Drive - Test the application by watching full demo and functionalities as read-only user, then plan and implement the app.
  • Install - Install the application to the selected salesforce environment.
  • Before Deploying the application to the user and explain to them how to use the new functionalities.
  • Deploy - Deploy the application and give the access permission to the user or group of customized users.