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Remarketing ads are a great way to reach new customers. Remarketing is basically the technique by which your ads are displayed to customers who have visited your webpage earlier. Many times, online customers carry out extensive research before purchasing a product. For example, a customer looking for an air conditioner may visit multiple websites of air conditioner sellers to understand the USPs of their products, reviews and pricing of their products multiple times before deciding upon their seller of choice.

It helps when ads are shown to such customers after they have left without making a purchase and this is what remarketing involves at a very basic level.

Remarketing with MicroPyramid

Remarketing is a very powerful marketing tool and when done correctly can benefit your business in a big way. MicroPyramid has a great team of professionals who can handle all types of remarketing campaigns for you, be it standard remarketing campaigns, dynamic remarketing campaigns, remarketing for your mobile apps or search ads, remarketing for videos, email list remarketing, Google remarketing, Facebook remarketing and more.

  • Reaching out to customers when they are likely to make a purchase decision – Customers typically visit a website when they are looking for something to buy. Remarketing ads target such customers after they have visited your website and reinforce your brand image in customer memory.
  • Target different types of customers as per your advertising goals – With remarketing you can target various types of customers matching various stages of your advertising goals thus achieving tailored and focused results as compared to other marketing campaigns. For example, with a remarketing campaign you can exclusively target customers who have abandoned their shopping cart. A customer may have visited your website and placed a pair of shoes in his shopping cart and then abandoned it. You know the intent of the customer is to buy the shoes but for some reason he or she hasn’t been able to do so. With remarketing you can target such a customer and ensure that he or she comes back and makes the purchase.
  • Reach a large scale of potential customers – Remarketing campaigns let you target potential customers all over the web who visit other websites regularly as remarketing ads typically appear while browsing other websites.

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