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Online Reputation Management or ORM is an essential activity these days. Most brands perceive ORM to be a necessity only when disaster strikes in the form of bad customer reviews or negative comments. Online reputation monitoring, however, is necessary at all times. The online medium is crucial in driving sales, brand building and customer service. The way the brand is perceived online matters a lot these days and quick redressal is necessary for all customer queries and complaints. At MicroPyramid, we excel at online reputation management.

Online Reputation Management at MicroPyramid

Online reputation management at MicroPyramid is done in a meticulous and organized manner. We scour through hundreds of web pages to pick up the buzz around your brand. How customers perceive your brand, the news around it and its impact, positive, negative and neutral sentiment with respect to your brand. Blogs, press releases, reviews and complaints about your company are all thoroughly scanned through to provide useful insights to you with respect to your business. Our business reputation management services include:-

  • ORM Strategy - We discuss about your business and business needs. We analyze the kind of customer queries and reviews that your business receives. We track your presence on social media, blogs, consumer complaint forums and discussion boards, and come up with a strategy for your business’ online reputation.
  • Monitoring and Implementation – Once we have finalized the ORM strategy and taken your approvals on the same, we proceed ahead to implement it. We set-up a process to track and monitor ORM for your brand on a continuous basis and devise ways to address customer queries and complaints at the earliest.
  • ORM Software – There are tools and software to effectively track sentiment, reviews, opinions and comments about your brand online. Ofcourse, these tools need manual intervention and we have a dedicated team to monitor and respond at the earliest. We will purchase the necessary software, and even take you through its use and applications. Incase, your team wishes to have access to the software, we will enable that as well.

At each and every step of online reputation management for your business, we will involve you and your team as business inputs play a crucial role in ORM and lend that personal touch that is much appreciated by customers. An important thing to note is that ORM is a continuous process and needs to be carried out even if there are hardly any negative reviews.

It takes time and if your business has been through a bad patch, then building the reputation takes sustained efforts. Honest communication and fast but effective responses are necessary to re-build customer confidence. The far reaching effects of business reputation management are happy customers, positive brand image and an increase in sales due to good reputation of business and offered services.

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