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We live in the internet era and at MicroPyramid, we have the right tools to take your online advertising efforts to the next level. Online advertising or digital marketing is a must have these days for all kinds of businesses, big or small, B2C or B2B, sole proprietorship or a limited company. Companies can enhance their brand visibility, attract new customers, engage with existing customers, increase sales and provide valuable and real-time customer service via the internet.

Online Marketing Services by MicroPyramid

There are many aspects of online marketing or digital advertising. Successful digital advertising campaigns tap into the entire digital marketing ecosystem and touch base with customers at various spectrums of the online marketing funnel. The team at MicroPyramid consists of digital marketing experts who excel at all aspects of the digital marketing ecosystem. The services provided are:-

  • SEO or Organic Search Services – SEO or Organic Search is basically a free form of online advertising. It costs nothing and brings in the most genuine leads or customers to your website. Ranking of your website in Search Engine Result Pages and effective keyword targeting contribute tremendously in drawing new customers to your website, more leads, conversions and increased brand visibility.
  • Content Marketing Services – Content is king. What your business is about, what your products offerings are, what your USPs are; are all the factors that can be conveyed to your target audience through relevant content marketing. We not only create content for you, fine-tune your existing content but also come up with effective content marketing strategies and monitor and execute content marketing campaigns.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Services – Conversion rate optimization helps you achieve higher profits as more meaningful goal conversions are achieved at the same rates. To execute conversion rate optimization, well strategized testing and fine-tuning of strategies and marketing campaigns is required amongst other things. At MicroPyramid, we take full ownership of your digital marketing efforts and set in place conversion rate optimization efforts that increase your conversions and improve your ROI significantly.
  • Online Reputation Management – Management of your brand’s image is crucial for retaining existing customers and for better brand equity and recall. Satisfied and happy customers lead to positive brand image thereby leading to new acquisitions and greater sales. At MicroPyramid, we take online reputation management very seriously and put in sustained and well thought out efforts to improve your brand’s image and reputation.
  • Landing Page Optimization Services – Landing page is the first page that a customer visits on your website. It is said that first impression is the last impression and this is particularly true of online advertising. If a customer is not impressed by your website or campaign landing page, he drops out and is lost for good. The team at MicroPyramid consists of experts who optimize landing pages effectively so as to draw more and more relevant leads and increase your sales.

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