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We live in a world of diminishing boundaries. The internet has made it possible to reach new customers & sell products across the world. While reaching global customers, a crucial role is played by language. Nothing really attracts a customer more than a personalized experience & the warmth of native language is unmatched in doing so. To gain competitive advantage, it is important that you design your website with multilingual SEO capabilities.

The team at MicroPyramid has years of expertise in dealing with multilingual SEO services and strategies. Here’s how we go about providing multilingual SEO services:-

  • Base language site – We first identify your base language site and then code and develop the same. If you already have a site, we optimize it for onpage factors, content, UTF – 8 characters, design and layout to ensure it runs smoothly. During, this process, we establish the guidelines for multilingual SEO
  • Common Template – We design a common template for multilingual SEO pages of your website. Consistency and uniform look help customers in identifying with your brand and increases its recall value
  • Optimize for All Search Engines – While Google is the most popular search engine, there are some countries like China, where other search engines such as Baidu rule the roost. We study other markets and optimize your website for all relevant search engines across the world
  • Understand Local Culture & Buying Incentives – Each country or region has its own culture and different motivating factors that drive a customer to convert from just a looker to a buyer. It is important to understand local cultures and the factors that play a role in the buying process. We study such factors thoroughly and incorporate changes in your website to match the expectation for your target markets
  • Regional Keyword Research & Competition – Just as it’s important to understand local culture and buying sensibilities, it is important to understand local competitors and keywords that customers search for. We analyze the websites for your regional competitors and also perform data backed keyword research for all your target markets to devise the best suited multilingual SEO strategy for your site

When you hire MicroPyramid as your multilingual SEO consultants, you can be sure of receiving quality work and dedicated team members who are committed to delivering the maximum results.

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