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LinkedIn advertising involves targeting business users. LinkedIn is a professional network and through its various ad types, it is possible to target the decision makers, executives, heads and influencers who use LinkedIn to connect with their peers and professional networks. LinkedIn members comprise of business heads, IT decision makers, prospective clients, students, small business owners and are thus a more evolved audience group than those on other social networks.

As per figures from LinkedIn, their members have 2 times the buying power of average web audiences and every 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members are responsible for making business decisions. Thus, LinkedIn is a powerful tool especially for B2B marketing. It can help in lead generation, increasing website traffic, engagement, sales and build strong business relations.

Advantages of LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

  • 2B Sales – With LinkedIn it is possible to increase B2B sales. In fact, the best use of LinkedIn is in B2B due to the nature of its user base. LinkedIn ads can be used to target users in specific designations or positions in specific businesses.
  • Niche Marketing – LinkedIn marketing can be best described as niche marketing. It can be used to target overall and widespread markets but when used for niche marketing, it yields rich dividends. You can choose a particular line of business or industry and show your ads only to those users with LinkedIn. This is nearly impossible on any other social network.
  • Select Audiences – LinkedIn lets you be very selective about the audience you want to display your ads to. You can choose a C-level executive in a particular industry within a specific age group. With this kind of targeting, it is hard to miss out on relevant audiences thus increasing your chances of meeting your business goals.

LinkedIn Marketing with MicroPyramid Campaigns

Most companies find LinkedIn marketing very expensive and yes it is expensive when compared to other forms of social media marketing. However, it can make a whole lot of difference to your business and sales figures when done correctly. At MicroPyramid, we ensure that all the money that you spend for LinkedIn ads and marketing is utilized in a perfect manner.

You can mail us on and begin a new chapter to gain better returns on LinkedIn ads for your business. Contact us now, you won’t be disappointed!