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Landing Page Optimization Services In USA

SEO efforts increase a website’s presence and visibility that ultimately draw customers to the website. The page of the website where the customer lands due to the SEO efforts or paid search methods is called the landing page. Any page of your website can be the landing page basis the kind of product offerings that are being advertised in your organic and paid search efforts, it could be your homepage or level one pages like products page, careers page and investors page. Once a customer lands on the landing page, he or she should be able to quickly locate what he or she is looking for; otherwise he/she may just exit the website.

At MicroPyramid, We Excel At Landing Page Optimization

Our landing page optimization services range from:-

  • Optimizing your website pages to meet campaign goals – There are various type of campaigns, lead generation campaign, video campaign, mobile campaign and each type of campaign may require a unique landing page that is most relevant to the campaign. We optimize your landing pages to meet specific campaign goals so that the marketing budgets you spend on attracting customers is not lost as soon as they click on the landing page
  • Developing landing page templates that have SEO factors incorporated in them – We develop landing page templates that already take care of SEO layout, design and content related factors. We also customize templates as per your campaign requirements
  • Making structural design changes in landing pages for better landing page marketing, if required – We modify your existing pages, and tweak their layout and designs for optimal performance, if the need be
  • Identifying the source of traffic and ensuring that landing pages are optimized to meet the goals required from multiple campaigns – At any point in time, you may have multiple campaigns running on your website, each leading to a specific landing page. We identify the source of traffic for each of your campaigns and ensure that they are being redirected to the correct landing page and that your landing pages are best optimized for that particular campaign
  • Tracking and monitoring traffic and tweaking landing pages further through A/B testing if required – We track and monitor traffic coming onto your landing pages. We constantly test your landing pages to identify which ones are performing better and retain them for higher campaign success
  • Making copy changes and layout changes to deliver the most relevant message across to customers – We make changes to your content copy and page layouts to ensure that correct and most relevant information about your products and services is conveyed to interested customers
  • Form development and maintenance of form data – Lead generation is often possible through forms and we develop forms and maintain the form data so that you can use it for converting your leads to sales
  • Implementation of onpage SEO best practices – We take care of all onpage seo marketing activities to ensure that your website landing pages are useful to your customers and that they don’t drop out at any stage of the buying funnel

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