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Google analytics helps you understand your customers better. Google Analytics Solutions offer marketing solutions that benefit businesses of all sizes with various product types and business goals. To make the most out of the Google Analytics suite of products, you need a team or Google analytics consultant who fully understands the data and knows how to analyze it and read meaning into its implications. We, at MicroPyramid can help you with just that. Our team of professionals know the ins and outs of Google Analytics and can help you understand your customers and their needs in a manner like never before!

Google Analytics Consulting by MicroPyramid

The team at MicroPyramid consists of Google Analytics experts who can not only implement Google Analytics codes and account for your website but also analyze data trends and help you achieve better ROI. Depending on your needs, our team manage and set-up custom solutions and reporting for your website analytics. Our Google Analytics consulting services include:-

  • Setting-up Google Analytics Account – We set-up your Google Analytics account. We take care of everything from the technical aspects such as placing the relevant tracking codes to setting up your goals and funnels. We also set-up necessary reporting schedules.
  • Monitoring and Reporting – We monitor your Google Analytics accounts and share relevant data with you that helps you:-
    • Understand your customers and anticipate their needs
    • Increase desired actions or conversions
    • Increase your leads and decrease acquisition costs
    • Run multiple campaigns smoothly
    • Track the progress of campaigns and modify them if required
    • Monitor effectiveness of various traffic sources – paid, organic or social media
    • Increase effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts
  • Data Trends and Implications – We share comprehensive reports and analysis with you on a regular basis, be it daily, weekly or monthly as per your requirement. We study the data trends through Google Analytics and share with you detailed analysis on its implications. We discuss with you ways in which your business leads and conversions can be increased further. We also share insights on the mediums that work for your brand and the way forward to make it even better.

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