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Google Adwords Services in USA

Paid search or Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising is one of the most effective methods of garnering traffic and quality leads to your website or landing page. Google Adwords is a one stop console for not only setting up paid search campaigns but also running and monitoring them.

With Google Adwords, you can achieve the following:-

Get more customers – Effective PPC ads attract new customers to your website or landing page.

Attract all kinds of customers – You can attract all kinds of customers via Google Adwords, such as local customers that live near your shop or office or global customers that are your target audience inspite of physical distances.

Find the customers at the right time – With Google Adwords you get to attract customers at exactly the same time as they are searching for services or products offered by you.

Run ads as per your budget – You can advertise on Google Adwords as per your budget, big or small. You can even choose duration and even time slots during which your ads will run.

Pay only for a visit – One of the best features of Google Adwords is that you may only pay when a potential customer clicks your ad or when he or she calls you.

Google Adwords Services by MicroPyramid

Get more traffic and qualified leads with the help of Google Adwords experts at MicroPyramid. Our team of PPC professionals will setup google adwords campaigns and run them successfully for you. Each month, we will report on the progress of the campaign, with full details of impressions, clicks and conversions and discuss with you on the way forward.

Our Google Adwords services include:-

  • Setting-up Google Adwords Campaigns – We set-up your Google Adwords account and campaign. From well researched keywords and building adgroups and campaigns to writing crisp and targeted pay per click ads, adding budget and defining campaign rules; we take care of the minutest details in setting up a google adwords account for your company.
  • Restructure or Manage Existing Google Adwords Campaigns – You may already have a Google Adwords campaign that is not yielding results as per your expectations. In such a scenario, you may consult our PPC experts who will restructure your adwords campaign and ensure that it yields more meaningful results. Our team will manage your existing campaigns to maximize ROI, reduce spending and increase conversions.
  • Monitoring and Reporting – We monitor your Google Adwords account to share timely data with you that gives you exact details of impressions, clicks and conversions garnered through the PPC campaigns. Various traffic sources, locations, customer demographics, mobile device types and OS are some other key data points that we share with you to help you in understanding your customers and their needs better.

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