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Ecommerce SEO Services in USA

SEO for Ecommerce is no easy task. Ecommerce websites have huge product inventories that keep changing from time to time. The meta data for them needs to be constantly updated and that added with any new updates by Google, may lead to quite a difficult situation at times. If you need a trusted partner to take care of SEO for your ecommerce site then MicroPyramid, is the right choice for you!

SEO for Ecommerce

Search Engine Optimization is vital for the success of any website. For ecommerce sites, it becomes even more important as websites play a very important role during a product purchase cycle. Here are some key statistics that prove the same:-

  • 49% of customers begin searching for a product online, this of-course is the first step of the product purchase cycle
  • 79% of customers click on organic search results to view details of a product
  • 2 in 3 teens make their purchases online, infact they often use their mobile phones to make the purchase
  • 79% of shoppers who end up dissatisfied with the buying experience on an ecommerce site, say that they are less likely to purchase from the same site again
  • Mobile searches have led almost 51% people to discover new brands online or buy something that they weren’t planning to in the first place

These key statistics show that SEO of your ecommerce website and mobile site is a must to ensure you reach the maximum customers and retain existing ones. At MicroPyramid, we have the right set of talent to take care of all your SEO needs.

SEO by MicroPyramid

Before we come up with an SEO strategy for your ecommerce website, we take the time to fully understand your business. We delve deep into understanding your products, your vision and values, your customers, your USP, your challenges and goals. This helps us understand the best way to find your customers. We then chalk out a well-researched SEO strategy for your business needs. Our SEO process involves extensive SEO audit of your existing website. We study it minutely and identify its pain points. We do intensive keyword research, study your competition and their websites and optimize your website for both higher level category pages and specific product pages.

Later, we move on to off-page SEO and build more relevant backlinks for your ecommerce website. We ensure that your website become more searchable and relevant to your customers.

In short, we come up with a SEO strategy to present the best version of your website. We create compelling content, increase the visibility of this content, take care of all technical and coding related standard practices and lastly increase relevant traffic and conversions for your ecommerce website.

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