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Containers are the operating system level virtualization where the virtual layer runs as an application within one OS hence using the same kernel. There is no need to invest in extra servers and infrastructure to deploy the applications.

These containers have their own process and network space, however the security isn’t as good as other operating system level virtualization technology such as OpenVZ.

Docker Containers:

Docker is an open source Linux tool that can easily and efficiently create and manage containers. Docker can be easily integrated with different infrastructures like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, Oracle Container Cloud Service, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, OpenStack, Salt and Vagrant.

The services that our Docker experts offer.

  • Transforming your monolithic application into a modular containerized app.
  • Manage your ever growing containers with powerful platforms like kubernetes, docker swarm.
  • POC for your ideas.

Increase security, faster deployments

  • Using Docker application deployment is fast due to least amount of runtime requirements.
  • Since all the dependencies are included into a single container which isn’t dependent on the host, the container can be migrated to other machines which are running Docker and deployed without any hassle.
  • Docker images are lightweight and has minimal overhead, hence delivery and deployment of application containers takes minimal time.
  • Due to versioning system, containers can be easily debugged, inspect difference between different versions, roll back to stable versions.
  • Using remote repositories images can be shared. Docker provides a public repository which provides many images contributed by users.
  • Unlike virtual machines, containers can be created or destroyed quickly and easily. Virtual Machines need to have full installations and more resources to run.
  • Since containers are lightweight and require less computing resources, the host can run more containers simultaneously.
  • Docker containers run on all popular Linux distributions, Windows operating systems, Mac OS X and also on infrastructures like virtual machines.

Why customer choose Micropyramid for Docker consulting?

We rely on opensource, cutting edge technologies to build high performance and reliable applications. With our CI/CD pipelines, we deliver your applications faster.