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Using Gitlab API, Integrating Gitlab in Django Project for Authentication and Access


1. Creating Gitlab App

a. To create an app, Go to your profile and click on applications then create an application on top of a page.

Here you can give your application name, redirect URLs then the application will be created.

b. Now you can get the client id, secret of an application

2. Authenticating user and getting an access token.

a. Here We have to create a GET request for asking user permission.

GET http://{{Your GIT_LAB_DOMAIN }}/oauth/authorize?client_id={{ Your GIT_LAB_APP_ID }} &redirect_uri={{ redirect_uri }}&response_type=code"

GIT_LAB_DOMAIN: your git lab domain,

GIT_LAB_APP_ID: your application client id,

REDIRECT_URI: The URL which you want to redirect after user login and this URL must be set in the

app registered redirected URLs.

b. If an user accepts the permissions, then authorization code will be sent to redirected URL.

c. Then we get an access token from the JSON response with the post request and the following params.

params = {

'grant_type': 'authorization_code',

'client_id': {{ Your Application id }},

'redirect_uri': {{ Your Redirect }}

'client_secret': {{ Your GIT_APP_SECRET }},

'code': request.GET.get('code')


POST  "http://{{ GIT_LAB_DOMAIN }}/oauth/token"

3. Get user information with get request using access token.

params = { "access_token": {{ access_token }},}  
  GET  rty = "http://{{ GIT_LAB_DOMAIN }}/api/v3/user"

You can get the user git lab url, picture, email, name, currently sign at, created at etc values. from the JSON response.