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Android App Development In USA

We Offer Custom Android App Development Services

Why Android App?

More than 80% of smartphone running with Android OS. By building an android app for Your business has a chance to reach 2 billion active Android users around the globe.

Why choose MicroPyramid for Android App development?

MicroPyramid is the Android App development company in India. We deliver successful apps with high quality, security, user-friendly and scalable for millions of active users.

Our specialties:

  • User-Friendly Design, Easy Navigation: We design app in the end users perspective. We want your product to be easily used by your customers
  • Compatible With All Versions Of Android: In the development and Testing stages we test the product in all Android versions starting from Android 4.0 to latest android version.
  • Focus On Device Compatibility: We test app on all screen sizes and Android flavors.
  • Device Hardware Integrations: Our Team is expert in integrating Bluetooth, GPS, Fingerprint scan etc.
  • Latest In Technology: We use latest Tools to develop your product.
  • Offline Support: Some apps need offline support. Users wants to see information when they last connected to the internet. App data will be updated once they connect to the internet.

Are you looking for a custom android app? Then get in touch with MicroPyramid at to hire talented android app developers.